Simply Sensational! Tess Daly hosts the WellChild Awards in a black strapless dress and Vernon Kay, her husband gave company

The Strictly Come Dancing lady host is seen in some really extravagant dresses for years. But if the matter is of her own taste Tess Daly exactly knows what suits the occasion, especially if it’s about embellishment. She proved it once again by being simple and gorgeous at the WellChild Awards in a black strapless dress. She had Vernon Kay, her husband alongside at Dorchester Hotel, London. On Wednesday the couple looked fabulous and Tess, 44, was all set to steal the show.

Simply Sensational! Tess Daly hosts the WellChild Awards in a black strapless dress and Vernon Kay, her husband gave company

The outfit of Tess seemed as if it’s made only for her. Tess wore a prom style strapless black dress which featured tulle skirt. The dressing sense of the TV star is outstanding. She is smart again in selecting her accessories along. She wore a pair of skin colored nude heels. This complemented her slim legs pretty well. She took a black color small clutch to match with her strapless dress. She applied a lit bit of makeup and gave her beautiful eyes a smoky look. She left her blonde hair open and straight. She made the hair fall on her left shoulder which gave her a rare and smart look.

On the other hand if we talk about Tess’s husband, Vernon he looked dashingly handsome. He wore blue suit and put on purple tie to team up. Vernon tweeted that hosting the show of WellChild Awards is quite touchy as well as emotional.

Hosting the show came to be lucky for the gorgeous couple as Prince Harry came in to meet the award winners. Prince Harry is the patron of charity and he was excited to meet the exceptional youngsters who won the awards n Wednesday evening.

Rock Stewart was spotted at the award ceremony and he waved his hand addressing his fans at the occasion. He dressed in black suit and checked shirt and a striped tie along. Penny Lancaster, Rod’s wife, was spotted in a black dress that showed off the legs of the lady but gracefully.

Pixie Lott the pop star was also there to attend the ceremony and she was also looking beautiful.  Pixie put on a green dress of demure green lace and it had long sleeves. She carried a look of old school in Hollywood glamour and the credit goes to her hair style. She tied it up but loosely and made her locks fall from both the sides.

Cheska Hull was also looking stunning in her white outfit and Ollie Locke was catching everyone’s eyes in the pink blazer. Cheska’s white frock was cleavage enhancing and she took white shawl and put it over the shoulder seductively. The man in the pink blazer Ollie Locke wore grey snood to enhance the look.

Wellchild is a National Charity to help the sick children. This nationalized organization takes care and ensure about the well being of every child in UK. The children in need are offered with best possible and quality care irrespective of their location, situation or diagnosis. The patron of Wellchild, Prince Harry, funds a team of trained nurses who provide the best possible care to the needy children.

Summary: In this post we have showcased the latest public appearance of Tess Daly along with her husband for hosting a noble cause, the Wellchild Awards. The other recognized personalities who appeared at the award ceremony also looked beautiful and eye catching. Keep reading for more celebrity news and gossips.

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