Stars’ Beauty Secrets for Young Looking


1. Can you say how old Nicole Kidman is? She is 46. Kidman’s beauty secret is simple – she has been keeping her skin away from the sunrays for many, many years. She knows well that sun is one of the strongest damaging factors for our skin. Nicole has also a secret for hair beauty. She recommends to rinse your hair in cranberry juice if you are red haired, and in champagne if you are blonde.



2. You may be surprised but Demi Moore is 50 years old! Demi is known for her fanatical care of her health and beauty. And it is definitely worth that. She has used leeches to clean out her blood, drunk cocktails of cayenne, lemon water, and maple syrup, and tried a lot of other disputable things. But her main beauty secret is moisturizing. She always takes her time to clean and moisturize her skin, no matter what.


3. Jennifer Aniston is 44 years old now. To stay in shape she practices yoga five times a week. It is not necessary to be yoga only, but you should do a little practice every day. Another notable thing is Aniston’s haircut. Her famous layered haircut helps her look much younger.


4. Another “younger looking” star is Diane Lane, who is 48 now. Like Jennifer Aniston, she is a big fan of yoga as well. Her another beauty secret is face acupuncture. It may not be the most pleasant procedure in the world, but it has a beneficial impact on your beauty in the long run.


5. Halle Berry is looking astonishing in her 46. She says that you need well-groomed skin to look great. And who can argue with her about that? To look good she treats her face with pure vitamin C and fruit acids every morning before moisturizing.