Top 10 Tips to Look Young




With the life style getting more and more sedentary and the eating habits getting more and more unhealthy. We are starting to age early. We start to get signs of ageing at around thirty to thirty five years of age. The changing weather conditions and the changing food habits are also a contributing factor in this.This is not a very good sign, as people want to look good and young all the time, at least till they are in late forties. There are some routine steps that you can follow for the same.

Top 10 Tips to Look Young are as follows:

Exfoliate your skin: each day the pollution and the dust accumulate on your skin and make it look unhealthy.

Exfoliate your skin

  • The best way is to exfoliate your skin daily atleast once with a good quality scrub.
  • This will remove all the dirt and the dust along with the dead skin cells and makes you skin looks fresh and young.

Hair Care: hair is an important part and it complements you face perfectly.

Hair Care

  • So your skin and face will not look flawless and perfect until your hair look that way. So try experimenting new things for your hair.
  • Your boring routine style might be one of the reasons for you looking old.

Makeup: choose your makeup very carefully.

Makeup artist applying eyeshadow

  •  There might be cheap versions available in the market for each product, but they only cause damage to your skin.
  • Make sure you use good quality and authentic products.
  • Also the product should be compatible with your skin.

Sleep: you should get atleast 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily.


  • While sleeping your body gets rest and your skin gets time to breathe properly.
  • Your skin has a natural glow when you wake up after adequate sleep. So make sure you get your beauty sleep daily.

Healthy diet: a healthy diet is the key not only for a healthy mind but also for a healthy skin.

Healthy diet

  • Make sure your diet is balanced and is not lacking in any kind of vitamins, micronutrients, or minerals.
  • These vitamins are responsible for the glow on your skin and also your skin texture. Also they have a big role to play in the health of your hair.

Water: drink enough water.


  • Water constitutes 70 percent of our body. It is one fluid that can help us flush all the toxins out from the body.
  • The more water you drink, the more detoxed you are.

Regular exercising: exercising makes you sweat.

Regular exercising

  • Sweat has an excellent function of flushing out unwanted materials and products out of the body.
  •  A regular exercise makes you look physically fit and young.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol: tobacco and alcohol are not just bad for your metabolism but it also adds toxins to your body.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol

  • These toxins are very difficult to clear and remain in the body for a long time.
  • Because of these toxins, the cells age very fast and make you look old at very young age. You can easily notice the difference between the skin of a smoker and a non-smoker.

Avoid too much sunlight: the invisible part of the sunlight i.e. UV rays have a very detrimental effect on the human skin.

avoin more sun ligh

  • The scorching heat can cause irreparable and deep damage to your skin. This damage not only makes your skin dull, but also hampers the daily repair process of the skin.
  • Make sure you avoid unnecessary and long exposures to the sun. Also you should take enough precautions before going out in the sun. Apply a sun screen before you got in the scorching sun. Choose an appropriate sunscreen for your skin type.

Stay happy: stress and unhappiness shows not just in your behavior, but also on your skin.

Stay happy

  • Stay happy and positive from inside and that glow will spread on your face. The amount of stress and worry will only bring sadness on your face.
  •  You look young when you are positive and happy. So stay positive and look young!