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Victoria’s Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio Launches Her Own Clothing Line, and, Yes, You’re Going to Want These Beachy Gems

I trekked through a snowstorm to go interview Alessandra Ambrosio on one of the worst polar vortex-y days this month, and I’m so glad I went. I admit I was a little grumpy upon arrival, but my mood immediately cleared when the Victoria’s Secret Angel, newly-minted designer (more on that in a sec), and all-around bombshell graciously offered to fetch me something to drink as I sat down. What? Yes, she was ridiculously nice, sweet, and personable. (I politely turned down her offer, by the way, as if I’d ask her to do that.) Plus, she was infectiously enthusiastic about the launch of her brand-new collection, Alé by Alessandra Ambrosio, which debuts on March 17.


A Diet Coke, chilled with no ice, please. Just kidding.
The Brazilian supermodel and street-style star partnered with L.A.-based boho line Planet Blue to design a collection of beachy, bohemian, and very Alessandra-inspired mini and flowy dresses, ruffly skirts, convertible tees, and louche jumpsuits—all priced from $60 to $260. Despite the blizzard going down outside, she was modeling a warm-weather piece from the collection—a flowy, off-the-shoulder paisley-printed peasant top paired with skinny white jeans.

Alessandra was more than happy to walk me through the collection—a cutout black minidress and slubby, marled T-shirts were my favorites—and talk more about how to style a LBD and the expert way pack if you’re lucky enough to escape to warmer climates.


Alessandra is clearly the best spokesmodel for her line.
GLAMOUR: Congratulations on your first collection! Tell us more about the inspiration behind it.
Alessandra Ambrosio: My inspiration is really a reflection of my lifestyle, and it’s Brazil meets Malibu. It’s bohemian chic. It’s comfortable. It’s sensual. It’s feminine. It’s very flowy with soft fabrics. The palettes are nude to cayenne and some midnight blue colors that we did for the nighttime. And there are different prints: from paisley to hand-dyed tie-dye. There are dresses, jumpsuits, and a little black dress, but it’s not your normal little black dress. And every girl needs to have one in their wardrobe.

GLAMOUR: Let’s talk about that little black dress that every girl needs. How would you suggest accessorizing one?
AA: It really depends on your mood and where you want to wear it. Because if you’re in the club, you’re going wear high heels. But if you’re on a beach, you’ll wear a cute sandal. You can definitely put on high heels and metal cuffs and look like the Gucci campaigns in the nineties or do whatever you feel like! Put like a leather jacket on top, or just go really bohemian and accessorize with necklaces and earrings something like that. You can just play around with whatever you feel like that day.

GLAMOUR: It’s winter break season right now, especially since we really need to escape this polar vortex for warmer weather. Since you’re a world-traveling jet-setter, what’s your advice on packing for multiple climates.
AA: That’s funny because I left L.A. 10 days ago and I was in Barcelona, and then I went to Miami and then I came to New York. And I’m going to Brazil and L.A. after so for 10 to 12 days, I had to pack for all kinds of climates. For me: a pair of boots, a pair of nice sandals that goes with everything, sneakers because I want to work out wherever I am, so I can’t forget that. I’ll do a leather jacket always because it goes with everything. You can wear it on the plane because usually the airports are freezing. A nice, neat blouse to wear wherever you are. I always have a cashmere sweater too, so when you go from 70s to the 30s it works really well. And basic tops and a good, comfy pair of denim to travel. Oh. And always a swimsuit, just in case. [Smiles]


The Alé by Alessandra Ambrosio collection will be available online and in-store at Planet Blue starting March 17.

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