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10 Must have wardrobe essentials for girls !!

Girls like to stay trendy and stylish. No matter how full your wardrobe is, it is never enough. You will still feel that something is missing. Yet there are some wardrobe essentials that all women should have, if they want to stay stylish and have their own fashion statement.

Wardrobe Essentials for Girls

Flannel: It is one multipurpose must have item for your wardrobe.


  • It give a very casual look to your outfit.
  • This is one essential for all the people who want to look young and trendy.
  • This is a very quick to wear but fashionable outfit.
  • It makes you look presentable.

Black pants: A pair of skinny black pants is a necessary piece of clothing.

Black pants

  • You can team up with virtually any kind of top and look different each time.
  • You can definitely not wear it to the office, except on a casual day. But to al informal movie outings and lunches, it is a very good option.
  • The best look is when you team it up with a loose buttoned shirt or with a tank top.
  • It looks really pretty and doesn’t make you look too thin or too fat.

Flattering jeans: A jean is one very good option for a casual wear.

Flattering jeans

  • One advantage is you can try it in various colors and fits. Each fit and color gives you a different look. Choose the one that best suits your style and attitude.
  • One perfect fitting one is generally what suits everybody.

Casual T shirt: For one of the days when you want to wear that relaxed attitude.

Casual T shirt

  • You can choose from variety of colors for special moods and different seasons.
  • A V neck shaped T-shirt or a round neck or a collar style, all of them give a different yet casual look to you.

A cuffed shirt: For a formal office wear, it is a must have.

A cuffed shirt

  • You can pair it up with anything ranging from a formal trouser to a skirt.
  • Select the color which compliments the color of your bottoms that you are wearing.
  • This gives you a very bold corporate look.

Kurta and leggings: For a day when you feel Indianized.

Kurta and leggings

  • Some of the corporate offices, consider it as a formal, but you can wear it both for a formal and informal setup.
  • Choose contrasting colors for the kurti and leggings. For example. White kurti with a black legging or a yellow kurti with a red legging.
  • This gives you an elegant yet defined look.

A black dress: For all night time outings and occasions.

black dress

  • It is always good for people who are a little stout to wear something in black. It makes you look thin.
  • A one piece black dress is a must have in your wardrobe. It makes you look elegant and rich.
  • You can wear it to night time dinners or office gatherings or family get together.

Black leather pump: To add to the looks of your dress.

Black leather pump

  • Your dress should always be complimented with a nice footwear.
  • Nothing compliments your dress better than a pair of black leather pump.
  • You can also wear it to your office.
  • Make sure you choose a one that you can carry comfortably.

Blouse: To make you look cute and bubbly.


  • You can choose from a variety of designs available in the market. Choose one that suits your body type.
  • Also the color should complement your color.
  1. Bag: To help you carry essential stuff while adding to your style statement.
  • A black bag that is big enough to accommodate all your essentials. The color that compliments the color of your dress is most appropriate.
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