12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips


Preparing food can be a huge mess! We would definitely enjoy it more if everything would be organized in an easy manner. If you don’t have huge modern kitchen you still can win some space by using these awesome kitchen organization tips. Here are twelve unique ideas to save you time, money and effort!



1. Pretend Pull-Outs

If you don’t have pull-out drawer in your cabinet you can make one. Just use plastic bins! You can group your items, label them, add layers and you will have space efficient kitchen. Use this method to keep all your kitchen gadgets in one place.

2. Tension Rod Dividers

Create some dividers using short tension curtain rods instead of stacking your cutting boards, oven trays, and platters. Easy access, great visibility. The best way to save your time.


3. DIY Lid Storage Rack

Finding the matching lid is like finding a needle in a haystack. You know that you have a drawer with lids and it should be somewhere there. Now you can use drying rack to sort them as you wish. No more piles, just nice and useful lid rack.


4. Glass Jars w/ Scoops

It’s easy to using glass or plastic containers to store your baking goods. In this way you can easily see what you have and use it quickly! Special scoop/spoon will prevent your wandering around to get a fresh spoon.


5. Kitchen Counter Lazy Susan

Want to keep all of your favorite kitchen essentials in one place? Get it on a revolving lazy susan! If you don’t have much space this trick comes in very handy; less room and keeping the things you use often.


6. Stacking Shelves

Cabinets are very useful but you can add more space just by stacking shelves in your cabinets. Now you can use every inch of it. Great idea for tall cupboards or small kitchens!


7. Hanging Shelf Dividers

If you have some extra empty space you can use if efficiently by hanging shelf dividers. It’s useful for lids, small things and some kitchen gadgets that you don’t use that often.


8. Pocket Organizer

Shoe rack finds it’s use even in the kitchen. You can organize thing very well under your kitchen sink. Your sponges and gloves will have a nice place to dry off, smaller items will not get lost in all the things you keep out there. Wha can be more simple?


9. PVC Wine Rack

If you love wine this is a great idea how to find your favorite one with no effort. Use a 4-inch PVC pipe found at a hardware store to make a wine rack. You can even paint it and add some details to match your kitchen.


10. Drawer Dividers

If you have many small items you can use drawer dividers to make it more organized. Tea bags, jello, spices can find their own space in your drawers.


11. Interior Cork Board Cupboards

Cork board can come in handy to pin recipes, a measurement converter, and hooks for hanging measuring spoons and cups. Just add it to your cabinet.


12. Under-Sink Rod

Save some space by placing a tension rod under your kitchen sink. Your spray bottles will be  easy to access and fast to grab.