9 Super Ways To Bring The Blood Sugar Under Control


Blood sugar is something that must stay under control for people of all ages. Excessive presence of sugar in the blood leads to diabetes. Basically diabetes is a metabolic disorder which can take place because of a number of reasons. Some of the reasons that lead to increase in the level of sugar in the blood are smoking, drinking alcohol, irregular lifestyle, stress, tension, anxiety, etc. Are you worried reading all this? There is nothing to worry about if you have an increase in the level of sugar in your blood. We have come up with some super ways to keep your blood sugar under control. The ways we are going to discuss here are as follows:


Go For A Walk


Walking offers a number of health benefits. One of the greatest health benefits offered by walking is keeping the sugar level under control. When you walk, all the organs of your body get into their work of helping you. This is how your whole body gets benefitted by walking.

Have Regular Exercising Sessions


Doing exercises regularly helps in the release of endorphins. The Endorphins act as an opiate in the body. This helps in keeping the blood sugar in its proper level. So, if you want to keep your endorphins secrete in required amount and maintain the right level of blood sugar start exercising from today itself.

Eat Healthy Fats Regularly


This is something which is totally unavoidable when it comes to control the blood sugar level. You must eat healthy fats regularly to keep the blood sugar level controlled. Some of the healthy fats that you can easily add to your diet are Flax seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, unsweetened chocolate, raw cacao, shreds of raw coconut, and wild fish. When you buy a wild fish make sure it is a reliable source.

Add Magnesium To Your Diet


Low magnesium levels lead to constipation, PMS Symptoms, headaches, poor mood, and low energy. Thus, the level of your blood sugar can also be affected due to low levels of magnesium. Some of the healthy sources of magnesium are dark chocolate, spinach, lentils, bans, avocados, dried fruit, banana, whole grain, seeds and nuts etc.

Drinking Ample Water


This is something which is a lifetime tip. Drinking ample water does not only help in maintaining the blood sugar levels but in proper functioning of the whole body.

Drink Green Smoothies


The green smoothies are really great to keep the blood sugar under control. Prepare a smoothie with leafy green and some refreshment and enjoy.

Go For the Soluble Fiber


Soluble fibers make the digestion process work perfectly. Some of the soluble fibers are Prunes, figs, carrots, pears, apples, flax seeds, quinoa, wild rice, oats, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, butternut, pumpkin etc.

Reduce the Number of Coffee Cups


It is not that you will stop drinking coffee totally. But in order to keep your blood sugar under control cut on the number of your coffee cups.

Always eat a Balanced Diet


This is the last but not the least tip to keep your blood sugar under control. Eat a balanced diet and eat in small portions.

Try to apply these tips if not all then some at least to keep your blood sugar under control…

Summary: In this post we have shared some of the super ways to keep the blood sugar under control. You can keep your blood sugar under control by following some of these tips. Find more posts on heath, beauty tips, etc at