Amazing Facts about Football


1. The average life length of a professional football player is 55 years.


2. The National Football League is considered to be a non-profit organization. Thereby it is not paying any taxes.

3. Helmets were brought in soccer by a basketball inventor James Naismith.

4. More than 50% of all the NFL players go broke in just two years after ending their sports careers.

5. The longest field goal – a 63-yard goal – was made in 1970 by Tom Dempsey who was born with half of a foot!


6. An average NFL newcomer earns at least 405 000 dollars per season.

7. An average NFL cheerleader earns about 50-75 dollars per game.

8. An average football player usually runs about six miles during one game.

9. 600 cows are required to produce enough soccer balls for only one NFL season.

10.The largest football tourney was held in 1999 and included more than 5 000 competing teams with more than 35 000 players.