15 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks!


15 The Classic



The cat-eye is a the go-to liquid eyeliner technique for a polished look for both day and night. An eyeliner trick that EVERY beauty buff should have mastered. Simply trace eyeliner along upper lash line and let the tail extend a little further past your lid.

14 Getting Colorful


Cat-eye doesn’t have to be basic black or brown! Play up this look with bright liquid eyeliners and keep the rest of your makeup neutral.

13 Lay It On Thick


Cat-eye feel a little too tame? Go ahead and make that line thicker, or use gel eyeshadow to extend the original line up onto your eyelid.

12 (Don’t) Be Such A Square


Make the everyday cat-eye a little edgier by squaring off the tip that goes past your lash line. We recommend using pencil liner to create this shape.

11 The “Drop-Eye”


This technique consists of lining your entire upper lash line and the outer half of your lower lash line. Keep the lower lines thinner to prevent a costume makeup look.

10 Super-Smudge


Blame it on the recent grunge revival, but smudging your liquid liner with a q-tip is a hot trick to have in your night-out makeup regimen. Just don’t let the smudging get too out of control, or you’ll risk looking like you’re melting.

9 The Cleopatra


To achieve this extreme look you will need: 1)Black liquid eyeliner, 2)A steady hand, and 3)Killer confidence. Anyone thinking of being Cleopatra for Halloween?

8 Wings


Think of winged eyeliner as the cat-eye’s flirty cousin–turning the bit of liner past your lash line upward so it mimics a thick eyelash.

7 Faux & Fabulous


Want the look of fake eyelashes without the actual fake eyelashes? Try this: Add an extra wing to your eyeliner line to give you some spice!

6 Just A Pop


Trendy colorful eyeliner can work on anybody! Apply color to ONLY your upper OR lower lash line. Keep the rest of your makeup more neutral.

5 Sultry & Smokey


There’s no better way to achieve the perfect smokey eye look than with adding a good chunky pencil eyeliner. Only have liquid liner? Apply it to your whole top lid and the outer half of your bottom lash line, let it dry, and then smudge with a q-tip.

4 On The Inside


Applying eyeliner all the way on the inner corners of your eyes is tricky, but when done properly can look great. Stick to a pencil eyeliner and make sure to balance out the rest of your eye with a similar-colored shadow. And be wary of how much liner you apply; too much can give the allusion you have dirt next to your eye!

3 Walking A Thin Line


Just because you’re applying eyeliner doesn’t mean it has to be a show-stealer! Liquid liner can be applied in a very thin line to give your eyes just a bit of pop and put the attention on another part of your face, like you lips

2 White Out


Applying white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes can make eyes look further apart and create the allusion that you’re more awake. Just remember: A little goes a long way. Too much white liner will make you look like an extraterrestrial.

1 All That Glitters


A party girl go-to, glitter eyeliner can give you a punch of sparkle without the fuss of loose glitter