Bombshell Khloe Kardashian accentuates her slim figure in skintight dress and styles her updated ombre ‘do in soft waves


It was reported that khloe ( the most famous TV shows represented)  wore hot and most prominent fitted dress to promote omre’ do by make herself more gorgeous in a Las Vegas party, she appeared to be more hot and sexy as she always tried to make herself attractive in every make outs.



She was looking so adorable with her high heels cheetah style shoes and further she concluded by making side hairs with light heavy curls around her neck and her red dark lipstick makes her more attractive in the party.


It was further reported that when she flew to Vegas she that time wore red tight blouse with black trouser for that she had to paid a lot.


The main purpose of Khloe appearance in hot dress up is to promote her collection named as khardashian khaos, from there it was also rumour spread that she was recently going through critical situation of divorced from Lamar Odam even that in her interview she herself showed that she is feeling really uncomfortable from the situation.


Furthermore it was mentioned in her interview that she want herself to be away from peoples question for this purpose she love to work for her collections but again messed up when she reached at home.


This may be the reason that she becomes usage of drugs.

According to Radar, she went to party on Saturday night meanwhile Lambar was there although they were enjoying the party and Lambar was behaving very well.