Effective Tips to Lose Weight without Dieting




Being over weighted is not something normal or favoured in any age. Excessive body fats reduce your ability to work fast and even your mind to think smart. Now a day, everyone loves to be in shape, especially ladies. When you feel like being chubby and clumsy, first thing that will strike your mind will be the plan for dieting. It is so usual today to hear that, “Sorry, I’m on diet.” People make their lives miserably poor with starving stomachs and pale faces. Leaving everything abruptly and excessively can harm your body at critical level.

Dieting is not unsafe if planned by nutrition properly but if you are dieting without proper guidance, you are at a great risk. For example, taking too much less calories will increase your metabolism to protect your body cells from starvation. When you will increase your food intake, it will be impossible for you to lose weight again. Plus due to improper dieting, you may lose some vital hormones of your body. Your resistance against illness can also be affected badly due to inadequate dietary habits.

Keeping in mind all those points, you may prefer a plan of losing weight without skipping your meals. Is it possible? Of course it is! Here are some suggestions for those who want to lose weigh without dieting.

Don’t Skip your Breakfast:

Skipping breakfast is very common habit among modern people today. Most of them skip their breakfast for dieting purpose. This is a sheer misunderstanding. Skipping breakfast makes you eat high calorie food all the day naturally. According to dietary experts, people who take breakfast will work more quickly and smartly than those who don’t. A bowl of cereal or wheat flakes with milk and chopped fruits is the best and healthy start for the day.

Pick your Drink Smartly:

Sweetened soft drinks and alcoholic drinks will add massive fats to your body so fast. Try to take fresh water, fruit juices or low fat milk when you feel thirsty or a bit hungry before meal times. Citrus helps to keep your body in shape and your stomach work well. Soft drinks will neither satisfy your thirst completely, nor will they hold your hunger back. So better avoid artificial sweetened drinks. Green tea with some drops of lemon is best to lose weight. Take a cup of green tea before breakfast and another cup after dinner and you will see the difference.

Choose Whole Grain Foods:

Whole grain things are much better than refined flour. When shopping in a bakery, choose bran flakes, brown rice, whole wheat crackers and popcorns instead of cakes, white bread and cookies. Whole grain food fills your stomach faster than refined one and it adds necessary proteins to your body.

Lock your Kitchen After Meal:

Try to put a strict hold on your hunger after and before meals. Fix a time to lock your kitchen at night and avoid eating amid meal timings.

Avoid Junk food and snacks:

Taking snacks is not bad but taking snacks instead of meal is really bad for your health. Snacks don’t satisfy your hunger completely and obviously they are not much healthy. When you take snacks, you will skip meals. And when you will skip meal for once, you will eat more than you need next time. So avoiding snacks and bakery food can help you reduce fats.