Get a Red-Carpet Body for the Oscars with This Workout

When stars get ready to walk the red carpet—which they’re prepping to do right now for the Oscars this weekend!—that means plenty of gym time and trainers aplenty.

The rest of us may not have those kinds of resources at our disposal (and, OK, may not be on a red carpet anytime soon), but Anja Garcia, a Southern California-based Equinox group fitness instructor, has some key tips for getting a celeb body—even with just a little time on your hands (and she should know! Equinox’s star clientele includes people like Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Cameron Diaz, and Mark Wahlberg).

“This workout incorporates movements that work multiple body parts at the same time—so you’ll burn more in less time,” she says. The moves target specific areas for strength training, and offer extra benefits as “compound moves”—meaning they use multiple muscle groups to challenge your whole body. Anja says to do them one after the other as a circuit, and you’ll have a full body cardio strength training session that burns fat, builds muscle, and helps sculpt a sleek physique.


Butt and Legs
Curtsy Crunch

Step right leg back to bend both knees into curtsy lunge. Stand up and pull same leg up to standing side crunch. This move not only strengthens and shapes the legs and glutes, you get the added bonus of abdominal/core training.

(Take No) Prisoner Squat Jumps
Begin with hands behind head keeping chest open and spine neutral. Explode up from the floor to perform jump. Land quietly in squat and repeat move as fast as possible with good form. This move also burns tons of calories to speed up your results.

Donkey Kick
With hands on floor and hips up in a modified Down Dog position, jump and kick heels to your butt. Your hamstrings plus your back and shoulders and all get a hit in this cardio challenge of a move!


Chest, Arms, and Shoulders
Corkscrew Pushups

Perform pushup on hands and toes then shift back to drop butt to heels, twisting to one side. Come forward to plank and repeat pushup, shift back and twist to other side. In addition to your arms, your chest and abs get a double dose of burn in this body weight movement.

TKO (Total Knockout) Punches
Amp the cardio and sculpt arms with a combo of punches from jab, cross, upper cut and hook. Drill 1 punch or combine for 3-minute bouts of cardio then recover for 1 minute and repeat.

Single Leg Mountain Climbers
Balance in a plank position on hands and right foot. Jump the left foot in and out for 30 seconds. Then switch and repeat on other side. The arms and shoulders will burn and—as a bonus—you’ll have a great ab and leg kicker.


Bird Dog

Begin in plank position on hands and toes. Lift right arm and left leg and hold for 10 seconds. Lower and repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Your back and your butt will benefit from this stability and strength challenge.

Superman Lat Pull
Begin on your belly with your legs extended and arms overhead. Lift your torso and legs up to extend your spine. With your neck neutral, perform a lat pull drawing your elbows to your side. Reach your arms overhead again and to the starting position with torso down. Great for posture as well as a sculpted back.

V Press Plank
Begin in a push up plank position with hands a little wider than your shoulders, legs extended with feet hip width apart. Keeping arms straight, press back to a modified Down Dog with knees bent. Holding this inverted V position, bend elbows out to the side and lower head towards the floor simulating an upside down overhead press. This move is a core shaper as well and will sculpt shoulders on top of a streamlined back.
Anja says these moves are just one part of the getting-fit equation. Remember to get plenty of sleep, and focus on how you eat, too. The Equinox Health Advisory Board has these nutritional pillars to incorporate into your plan: focus on nutrient-dense foods instead of counting calories; eat minimally processed foods; consider a seasonal detox; fuel properly both pre- and post-workout; don’t leave out your veggies; eat clean, lean proteins; drink lots of water; eat locally, in-season, and organically whenever possible; don’t forget healthy fats; eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.