Great Places to Try Something New

Are you are tired of everything being the same? Expand your comfort zone. Do something new. Don’t know where to start? Then our list of best places to try a new thing will be interesting and helpful for you.

1. Philadelphia, the USA

If you are a sport fan, you should go there without hesitation. This is the place where you can watch a new sport game that is called Kronum. It is a mixture of different games including basketball, rugby, and football. Kronum is played on a circular field. It is a fast and unpredictable game. However, it is not very popular so far, it is definitely worth to see, at least once.



2. The Philippines

This is the place where you may be lucky enough to see a new animal – Varanus bitatawa that was discovered by scientists only in 2009. Its length is two meters. During a day it spends only 20 minutes on the ground. The rest of time it spends in trees. To have a chance to see it you should go to Sierra Madre Mountains.



3. The USA State Fairs

Yes, we all know that junk food is bad for our health, but sometimes we just cannot resist the temptation. If you do not mind to indulge yourself with fast food, you should visit the USA State Fairs. There you can try absolutely new types of junk food, you have never even heard about. For example, fried bubble gum or oil and fruit drink.



4. Copenhagen, Denmark

For fans of healthier food, we can recommend the restaurant “Noma” in Copenhagen. It is famous for its so called “foraged cuisine”. This is a place where you can try meals with moss, yarrow, pine needles, or acorns. Make sure to book your place in advance, since the restaurant is extremely popular.



5. Songdo, South Korea

Songdo is the newest city in the world. Its construction is planned to be finished in 2015, but some hotels are already open for tourists. Songdo will have analogues of world famous sights like New York Central Park and Venice canals. It will also have its own landmarks. Songdo has been carefully planned to avoid all big cities problems like traffic jams, pollution and so on.



6. Zubair Islands, Yemen

If you go mad about new scuba diving experience, then you should think about Zubair Islands. These are the newest islands in the world. They are situated in the Red Sea, and we have heard that it is a fabulous place for scuba diving.



7. The Caribbean Islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Do you feel overwhelmed with information? Or are you technology addicted? If so, you should definitely visit those islands. All your tech devices: phones, laptops, music players will be taken away from you for the period of your staying there. You should also forget about television. Your time will be filled with sailing, hiking and other useful and pleasant activities.