Healthy Foods For Weight Loss

weight loss

With the lifestyle going more sedentary day by day, obesity is on an all-time high. The basic cause of obesity is the kind of food we eat in our meals. The food that is healthy is not filing and not delicious. The combination of all three- filling, health and delicious in one food is called “Foods that promote satiety”. Most of these foods are the ones that have lots of fiber and it fills the stomach and satiates the hunger. Fiber and protein are two component that can help you give this filling feel. But no food can help you lose weight in isolation. It has to be accompanied by a change in lifestyle and regular exercising. The best healthy foods for weight loss are:


This food from gourd family may not have a very high nutritional benefit but has high fiber content.


  • You can eat lots of cucumber in the salad and it gives you a satiated feeling.
  • You should substitute the snacks and potato chips with the cucumber in the snacks time in odd hours.


They are the best and healthiest snack for odd hour hunger. You can take the nuts of your choice. You can eat almonds, cashew, peanuts or walnuts. They are all healthy and give a feeling that your stomach is full.



This is an awesome and tasty starter.


  • Whenever you feel very hungry for a meal, begin with a soup and it fills your stomach and prevents you from over eating the food.
  • But keep the calories in the soup, which is butter and cream really low if you want to lose weight fast. It should not exceed 100-150 calories and cooked in a healthy manner.


They are probably the richest source of fiber in your diet.


  • You can eat them for breakfast or for evening snacks.
  • Now, they are available in all flavors and types. Choose the one you like the most.


This is an inexpensive way to lose weight and stay slim.


  • They are also a very good source of high protein. So they are very stomach filling.
  • They are also cheap and so you can make it a part of the daily meal.
  • They make you feel satiated for longer.
  • They also have high amount of fiber.


They are the richest source of proteins for people who do not eat non vegetarian food but eat eggs. You can eat them in any form- boiled, fried, half fried or with sausages.



This is one tasty and healthy way of losing weight- a rare combination.


  • You can use it in various forms ranging from snacks to breakfast side dish to salad topping.
  • You can also substitute it with the tasty grapefruit juice.


It is a very healthy diet and ideal for losing weight if you are a non-vegetarian. It can help you shed pounds and that too quickly.


Pureed vegetables

These are always the best and time tested ways of losing weight. It is one of the best foods for weight loss.


  • Add more and more veggies to your diet. It adds nutrients and fiber both at a time.
  • Pureed cauliflower and zucchini taste the best when they are pureed.

Baked potato

Potato has always been blamed as the beast for increasing weight. But it actually has a great property of taming the hunger and prevents you from feeling hungry for a long time.



An apple is good just not to keep the doctor away but also keeping the weight away from you.


  • Instead of eating an unhealthy snack, keep an apple with you and substitute your snacks with that.
  • It helps you to speed up your metabolism also.
  • It prevents extra fat to accumulate on your belly.
  • You can add spice and salt if you don’t like the extra sweet of apple.