Holiday Hair Ideas: How to Get An Easy, Low Knotted Bun


Learn how to get this disheveled knotted bun for your next party.

The holiday season is that one time of year that you jump from party to party looking your most festive yet. To make sure you’re at your all-time best, we’ve pulled together a Week of Holiday Hair, with hair tutorials from a celebrity stylist just for you. This way, you’ll have a style for every type of party on your calendar – and you’ll look great no matter what. 

Sometimes all a girl wants is to look pulled together – but in a simple, “this took no time at all” kind of way. That’s when the disheveled low bun comes into play. Both easy to do and chic, this style can be taken from the office to an after work (or school!) event in no time at all.

Just in case you need some help in the hair department, we called celebrity hairstylist Josue Perez to show us how to get a simple, low knot for our next holiday event (or any event for that matter). Above, he whips our model’s hair into shape in no time – giving us 5 tips for how to do it ourselves at home.

Step 1: Dirty hair is a blessing in disguise for this hairstyle, as it will give better hold. If your hair is clean, add dry shampoo like Serge Normant’s.

705x518 (1)

Step 2: Pull your hair back and down towards the nape of your neck. Twist it around and up into a low knot, beginning to pin it up into place with large hair pins.

705x518 (2)


Step 3: Continue pinning your “knot” until it feels secure on your head (and it’s in the shape you want it to be).

705x518 (3)


Step 4: With the front of your hair, you can pull out and dishevel the pieces as much as you’d like to complete the look.

705x518 (4)


Step 5: Finish with some hairspray, and enjoy your disheveled bun!

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