How To Eat Less Without Even Realizing It


You can eat way less with these simple tips. This secret recipe can make you feel better and and eat less without realizing it.


1.Small plates

Serve meals on small plates. With a small size you tend to put less full on your plate. You will think that you will want to add more but that actually will make you feel fuller faster.



2. Serving bowls off the table!

In case you want to grab more you will need to make an effort in order to do that. Add bowls with vegetables: you never can get too much of it.



3. Tall Glasses

Try to drink from a skinny glass. The taller the glass is the bigger it is in your brain. This trick will prevent you from having extra calories.



4.Small serving spoons

Use a small serving spoon. Same trick works with spoons. As you put food on your plate you usually rely on quantity. In this way it will seem that you have a lot but will actually be vice versa.



5. Environment



If the place where you eat is too loud and bright, or too dark and quiet it stimulates you to eat more. As you spend more time at the table you want to get busy. Try to control what is around you.