How to Look Younger and Enhance Your Beauty with Yoga



There is hardly anyone who does not want to look younger and beautiful. Every one dreams of having a radiant, unblemished and beautiful skin. Think about getting an everlasting youth, graceful movements and svelte figure by spending sometime everyday. Do you think it is very hard? Not at all! In this article you will come to know about how yoga asana can help you to maintain your beautiful skin. People trust Yoga for Beauty and the Yoga poses really work magnificently for both men and women.


People do Yoga for beautiful skin but it is wonderful for the following as well:

  • Improving your body Posture
  • Stretching Spine
  • Strengthening your body muscles
  • Relieving your tension
  • Firming your loosening skin tight

Among the yoga beauty tips the first one is to do yoga regularly and at early morning. Men and women of all ages can do Yoga for Beauty and it offers the body with lots of health benefits. Some of the yoga asana which offers beautiful skin are discussed below:

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

Among all the yoga poses the sun salutation is considered as the mother of all. It consists of 12 poses which offers relaxation, removes toxins, and de-stresses the body. Like all the other yoga postures you must do this on regular basis for better results. 


Shoulder Stand (Sharvangasana)

This is a yoga asana that involves the complete body. This is a yoga for beautiful skin and it relaxes the whole body from head to toe.

Twisted-Seated Pose (Bharadvajasana)

 Are you looking for a Yoga for beautiful skin and want to have a skin with anti-ageing properties then this yoga asana is for you. The best part of this yoga sana is that it is very simple to do but its benefits are huge. 


Bow Pose (Dhnurasana)

This is another yoga pose that offers your body with a beautiful shape. This yoga asana also provides the human skin with a natural shiny glow. Among the yoga beauty tips doing this yoga asana daily is another one.

Plough Pose (Halasana)

This is a yoga pose that provides with a flawless skin and flat stomach at the same time. The posture of this yoga asana relaxes the mind and the body. 


Headstand (Shirsasana)

This might appear a bit difficult for the first timers. But if you can do it properly upon practices you will get a long-lasting glow. The best part of doing this yoga pose that it offers you the chance to get rid of wrinkles.

Breathing Exercise  

Another Yoga beauty tips would include doing the breathing exercise in an open space. This yoga pose rejuvenates the mind and the complete body at the same time. It is based on holding and releasing breaths on counts. 


Corpse Pose (Shavasan)

 This is a magical yoga pose where the complete body feels relieved. You will find that your tensions have disappeared upon practicing this yoga asana. It is always recommended to practice this yoga asana upon completion of all the yoga asana. This yoga asana is the concluding asana for a yoga session.