Products for Slim Body

Weight loss is normally a result of regular exercises and balanced diet. What products can help you in your battle for slim body? Read our article and you will know.

1. Black beans

Black beans are a great protein source. But unlike other sources of protein, for example red meat, black beans do not have any saturated


2. Oats

Oats are well-known for their fiber richness. Their daily consumption will improve your metabolism and help your body to burn fat.


3. Avocado

Avocado is rich in fiber and protein. It is a great belly fat fighter. You can use it to calm down your hunger.


4. Salmon

You should not exclude all fats from your ration. Salmon is a source of the “right” fats. It will help you to quiet your hunger and not to add in weight.


5. Blueberries

You may know blueberry as a useful product for your eyes. Nevertheless, it is also a powerful anti-aging weapon and one of the lowest calorie but still nutritious products.


6. Broccoli

To start with, broccoli consumption may reduce chances of having cancer. But it is also very low-calorie product that will be a great match for any diet.broccoli-600x433

7. Pears

Pears are one of the greatest sources of fiber. Eat just three pears daily and you will consume less calories than you would do normally.


8. Grapefruit

Eat at least half of a grapefruit a day, ideally – before every ingestion. It is a great source of protein, but what is even more important – it lowers hormone that is responsible for fat-storage. Consequently, you lose weight.


9. Almonds

Almonds are also a source of “right” fats. Add them to your ration, especially if you are on a low calorie diet.


10. Pine nuts

Almonds are not the only nuts rich in healthy fats. If you are a fan of nuts, then you will be happy to know about other low calorie product – pine nuts. Eat them to burn your belly fat and to calm down your hunger.