Puff Ponytail Hairdos that Look Extremely Gorgeous


Puff with a ponytail is not just one style, but it is a complete set of various hairdos which consists of puffs and ponies with unlimited twists and turns to give girls a stylish look. Ponytail never goes out of fashion. It is never outdated and you can carry a ponytail anywhere so easily. Whether you are in office or home, a friends’ get together or some pool party, downtown or some cafeteria with your spouse, ponytail works fine with your outfits. Here are some messy ponytails with puff to make your day.


Clean sides with puff:

This hairstyle looks good specially when modeling outfits. Models wearing this style on catwalk look so stylish. This hairstyle goes with heavy eastern dresses especially with Indian Saris and Patiala outfit. Also it adds a bit of length to your face so if you have a small face, style your hair with sides clean and crown teasing.

crown volume ponytail

Teased Clean Ponytail:

A front crown puff with a neat ponytail mostly curled outward on tips is all time favorite with formal dresses and red carpet. It looks not less than a Victorian hairstyle. Its sweet front crown is vaguely parted from middle which looks good especially with long frocks and gowns.

Teased clean ponytail

Messy Puffed ponytail:

Do you feel beautiful with messy hairdo? Sometimes it is more appealing than a tidy pony. If you are going to attend some evening function or a sleepover at friend’s place, try this ponytail with a bit crimps or curls and front bangs. This low ponytail gives you highly adorable look.

Messy puffed ponytail

Bouffant crown with short front bangs:

It’s obviously the most eye catching hair style this evening if you are attending some wedding party or red carpet event. It looks good both with long gowns and short frocks. If you are wearing some winter stuff like long collar coat and muffler, you will look so cool with this fabulous hairdo. Just bump it up a bit and tease with short front bangs and you are ready to impress the audience.


Messy Puffed up Low pony:

Have you got long hair? If so, then you must give this messy low pony a try. It looks so cute plus gives you an innocent look like a busy teenage girl with beautiful hair.  If your hair is sleek and polished, you must use some hairspray or gel to attain this messy ponytail style.