The Coolest Tech Ideas At Tech Expo


1. Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung have been brewing the anticipation for months on this one. Finally they revealed the Galaxy Gear Smart watch.



2. Panasonic’s 20-Inch 4k Tablet

Aimed primarily at the business market and costing a rather intimidating $4,500 comes Panasonic’s 4K 20-inch Windows 8.1 tablet – quite a sight to behold in person!



3. Ricoh Theta

The new Ricoh Theta is the world’s first mass-produced 360-degree camera. It takes remarkably good images with its twin-lens folded optical system, yet still remains conveniently pocket-sized. It also can synchronize with your smartphone, making images easy to store and share with contacts.



4. Sony QX100

Along with the plethora of smartphones, Sony’s next biggest idea at IFA was the new QX series of screen-less cameras. The QX series use Bluetooth to connect to your phone, making any Andriod or iOS device capable of producing some really amazing images – at half the price of a comparable camera!



5. 3Doodler 3D-Printing Pen

A fantastic idea – the natural evolution of the doodle. This gadget pushed through kick-started allows you to create plastic sculptures without a 3D printer of any complicated software.



6. Samsung’s Humongous UHD TV

Over at the Samsung’s stand stood an awe-inspiring 110-inch 4K TV. With its excellent clarity and size, you feel like you are falling inside of it. Of course, it is extremely unlikely that you will ever own one, but it doesn’t stop you from wanting one.



7. LG G-Pad

Another 8-inch tablet, what is there to get excited about here? Well, the G-Pad is the actually the world’s first 8-inch tablet that can boast a 1080P display – great definition at your fingertips.



8. Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Another technologically progressive entry. This time a laptop that is sure to get all computer enthusiasts excited. The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro sports a 13.3-inch ultra-resolution display (a massive 3200×1800 pixels). It also has the same snazzy flexible hinge as the original, built in voice control, and will only set you back £1,000. Certainly one to watch out for.



9. Panasonic’s 4K TV Tree

Panasonic’s new 4K TV is fantastic enough by itself – it is the first television with 60FPS HDMI 2.0. But shining from over their stand, Panasonic joined a group of these TVs together into a giant “tree” shape and synced them to play various different nature scenes. It was an impressive sight to behold.



10. LG Gallery

In an entire show of OLED TVs, what is the best method to get yours to stand out from the crowd? LG came with a novel solution by unveiling its new Gallery mode – which effectively turns the television into multiple works of art. It does this by selecting from a number of reproductions of famous paintings, all at ultra-high resolution, and displays them whilst the TV rests in stand-by mode. Classy!