Top 10 Tips To Gain Weight


Top 10 Tips To Gain Weight

Being healthy and fit is not a difficult task if you have a balanced and nutrient diet regularly. But these days, it is not possible because people mostly eat fast foods and spicy foods as their diet which is not good for their health. Therefore, they look thin and skinny. There are so many people who are fit, but not look good due to their skinny structure. They look better if they gain some weight. Their skin stretches, starts glowing and curves will be made after gaining weight and they also look more healthy and fit. Here we are giving some top 10 tips to gain weight, which will surely help you in gaining weight.


Consuming Water

Always drink a great quantity of water. It helps in increasing weight. You have to drink an approximate half gallon of water in a day.



  • It helps you in staying away from dehydration.
  • It also helps in increasing your stamina and fitness.

Keep a Track of Calories

You should keep a track of calories so that you can effectively change your diet according to the calories, you want in a day.



  • You can easily gain your weight through this tip.
  • It also helps in giving strength to your muscles.

Nutrient Diet

Always take a diet which has enough calories and nutrients. It is also necessary that you have to take a balanced diet. You should eat eggs, oatmeal and other nutrient diet in your breakfast.



  • It is a slow process of gaining weight, which is even better for you.
  • It also helps in making your body fit and healthy.

Weight Training

It is also very much essential to gain weight. But it is necessary to do weight training in a better way. Do not start lifting heavy weights and doing bench press and all. Do light weight lifting, running and stretching your body slowly.



  • It helps in converting your fat into muscles.
  • You will gain 1 pound to 2 pound weight in a week if you will do weight training regularly.

Choose Healthy Fats

It is one of most important tips to gain weight. Always take a diet which has equal proportion of saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.



  • This tip helps in balancing your hormone production.
  • It helps in energy utilization as well.

Rest and Relax

Always give your body a complete rest and relax, after having a good nutrient diet. You can hear music with your friends or can have a good sleep.



  • It helps in the digestion of your food properly.
  • It gives a sufficient break to your body.

Eat every 3 Hours

It is also necessary to take a diet after every three hours, if you want to gain weight properly. This helps in consuming sufficient calories in your body. Steady flow of nutrients supplied in your muscles with the help of this tip.


Avoid Junk Foods

In the fast and hectic life schedule, everyone used to take junk foods which are not good for your health. In increase fat and cholesterol in your body which will lead to several health problems.



  • Avoid junk foods help to save you from many health problems like food poisoning and all.
  • You will not look fatty.

Proper Work Out

If you want to gain weight, then eating is not sufficient. A proper work out is also very much essential for you.


Be in a Good Company

When you are taking a diet to gain weight, then always be in a good company of your friends. They always motivate you and also appreciate your efforts.



  • You always remain positive with a good company.
  • They encourage you to gain weight.