BeautyYour Makeover's Final Touch, Eyeliner! Tutorials and Techniques (12 images)

Your Makeover’s Final Touch, Eyeliner! Tutorials and Techniques (12 images)

Eyeliner is a special ingredient to spice up your makeup. You cannot get a neat and catchy look without applying the eyeliner with professional efficiency. Like your lipstick, your eyeliner needs to be applied so carefully and neatly or it will ruin your makeover totally. There are several ways which you can adopt to apply eyeliner. It depends upon your choice that whether you want to give a shy look, or the bold one. Secondly, it also depends upon the shape of your eyes that which type of eyeliner you should wear.


Now a day, colored eyeliners are also available in the market but here we are adding the tutorials with the black one. You must purchase both types of eyeliners to follow these tutorials. One of them is Wax eyeliner which can be applied by brush and the other one which is important for a finished look is a gel or liquid water proof eyeliner.


























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