10 Must-Know Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know About

Whether it’s your eye makeup or foundation, these top 10 makeup artists-approved tips cover all the areas to apply your makeup flawlessly. So make the most of your makeup with these life-changing tips.


5. Clean Your Makeup Brushes With Eye Makeup Remover

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Photo: zuri

Cleaning makeup brushes on a day to day basis is an important part of hygienic beauty regime. Not cleaning brushes increase the chances of breakout and infections. So clean your makeup brushes with waterproof eye makeup remover first. Then use some gentle facewash to cleanse away any residue of makeup remover. Lastly, rinse thoroughly to get rid of any residue.

6. Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

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Photo: kisscosmetics

Place a tissue paper over your lips after applying the first coat of lipstick and dust on some translucent powder over the tissue. Remove the tissue and apply another coat of lipstick. This will make your lipstick stay put.