10 Worst Nail Art Ever

10 Tetris Nail Art

We recommend sticking to the game instead of tricking your nails out with this crazy design!



9 Black Lace

These nails have way too much going on. Maybe one of the designs would have worked but not the whole collection of nail art on one nail.


8 Garden Nails

We recommend that you limit your flowers to your garden. This can’t be practical.


7 Lawn Nails

OK, this one we really don’t get. Who want’s their nails to resemble a lawn?


6 Princess Gone Horribly Wrong

You know those puffy pens with feathers at the ends? Yeah, your nails should never look like that.


5 Creepy Eye

We feel that this creepy eye nail art keeps staring at us. Reserve for Halloween or, better yet, not at all!5

4 Bling Overload

These horrible nail designs need a fire extinguisher stat!


3 Duck Feet Nails

All we’ve got to say about this one is WTF? Who in the world would want to wear duck feet?


2 Action Figure Nails

This look is downright frightening and it takes action figures to a place where we’d never want to go!2

1 Fantasy Nail Art

We love a good fairy tale but these nails take them to a scary new level.1