3 Gorgeous Hair and Makeup Details Scarlett Johansson Wore to the Captain American Premiere That You Really Need to See Up Close


Let’s not even try to pretend like we all don’t want to see every tiny little molecule of Scarlett Johansson under a microscope, OK friends? I mean, the woman is gorgeous—and so are these three hair, makeup, and nail details she wore to the Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiere last night. Let’s go over them.



What I’m obsessed with:


1) Her quietly shimmery eye shadow. It makes her eyes look so warm and happy.

2) The height at the top of her hair—makes her waves seem more modern than Old Hollywood.



3) Her purple nail polish. If this lovely hue doesn’t scream spring, I don’t know what does.

The elements come together to create a look that’s both sexy and sweet at the same time—got to love that. Oh, and let’s not also pretend we’re not all in lust with her rings either. While everyone is trying to catch a glimpse of her reported baby bump, they’re all I can see. Stunning.