Beauty3 Reliable Signs That Someone is Attracted to You

3 Reliable Signs That Someone is Attracted to You

The body shows what is inside our hearts and on our minds. No wonder that a lot of people have devoted their whole lives to learning body language. Over the years, such experts have come up with various ways that a person can explain with non-verbal expressions. One of the more popular samples is body language signs of attraction.

Attraction is always a spicy topic among males and females. You’re definitely wondering what it is that gives you away or what it is that reveals a person’s feelings for you. If you’re ready to find it out, learn these body language signs of attraction.



1. Crossed Legs Pointing Towards You

Most people don’t notice this, but their legs seek towards the people they actually like or are interested in. Lucky, this is something easy to observe.

The next time you have a conversation with the person in question, check out which direction his\her crossed legs are pointed at. If it’s pointed towards you, let yourself a smile of small or a big victory. But if it’s not in your benefit, don’t think of the worst. Check out another body language signs of attraction further.


2. Small Grooming Gestures

Other way to tell when someone is interested in you is in how often he\she grooms themselves when you two are together. The sign could be as simple as touching the tie or tucking a strand of hair behind the ear. These may be really small things but they may mean a lot.

You have to be extra supervisory though or you won’t catch the person in question doing any of these at all. After all, how long does it take for a person to touch their hair? If you blink, you might miss it.


3. Gazing Back and Forth

The beauty of body language signs of attraction is that it is mostly an instinctive reaction. People don’t realize that they are doing it so you can observe them freely.

One sign you can look at is when a person look at you every once in a while. This is exactly a sign of interest from the other person. You can actually catch them in the act if you so wish!

Body language signs of attraction are easy enough to read. You don’t need to analyze much every detail of a person’s movements. All you have to do is to observe key signs that will reveal more or less a person’s feelings towards you.



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