8 Simpler Ways To Have The Totally Kissable Pinker Lips


The pink lips are always adorable. Guys love to see their totally pink lips and hardly resist themselves from feeling the softness. There are very simple ways to get such lips. If you really want to have pinker lips which your man will love to kiss, try the following simple ways:


Drink Lots Of Water


You must have heard about the benefits of drinking water. The benefits of drinking water are endless on our health. Drinking lots of water helps in keeping the lips pinker as well as it keeps the body metabolism work properly.

Use Straw To Drink Dark Liquids


The dark liquids can make your lips stain. If you are a tea or coffee lover and use your lips to drink them you might get darker lips. So, will you stop drinking your favorite tea or coffee? Not at all have we had a smarter choice for you. Take a straw from the next time when you drink tea or coffee. This will help you get pinker lips as there would be no staining.

Exfoliate Them Regularly



The way you exfoliate your face and other parts of the body to keep them radiant; it required for your lips as well. To do so there are two ways and both are equally effective. One is, you can take a toothbrush of soft bristles and roll it on your lips. Another is, take some sugar granules in one palm and use fingers of the other hand to roll them on your lips.

Prefer SPF For Protection



The sun protection is not just meant for your face and hands. You cannot simply ignore your lips from the rude sun because it affects the lips as well. So, next time when you get ready for your office, college or school does not forget to apply the sunscreen on your lips to keep them pinkish.

Use Tinted Lip Balm


The lip balms are the greatest friends to your lips. The way you moisturize your face before going to bed put the lip balm on your lips to keep them soft and pink. The lip balms are available in a variety of flavors choose any out of the lot.

Use Existing Beauty Products



When you are trying to keep your lips gorgeous and pink it is better to go with the existing beauty products you use. This will reduce the chances of any kind of problems on your beautiful lips. Go with the sunscreen you use and moisturizer you prefer.

Keep Them Clean



The pollution is the culprit on crating any kind of skin problems. So, we clean ourselves after coming back from outside. Whenever you do so do not ignore your lips. Put the same face wash you use on your lips while washing your face and keep your lips cleans.

Avoid Chewing Them


There are people who have a habit of chewing their lips whenever in stress or tension. This damages the upper layer of your lip’s skin and makes them look dull. So, try to avoid doing this if you want to get totally soft and pink lips.

You will definitely get totally kissable pinker lips by following these ways……..

Summary: In this post we have shared some simple tips to make your lips look pinker than ever. These tips will help you maintain the health of your lips. The pinkness of your lips will show that you are really caring towards your lips. Read more interesting posts about health, beauty tips, etc on