Can I Take Antidepressants While I Breastfeed My Baby?

Mothers who breastfeed their babies taking antidepressants do not tend to risk the baby’s health, according to scientists.


Indeed, women those on antidepressants are rather more successful to breastfeed their babies continuing their regular medication, a study found. In case such mother stops consuming her medication fearing her baby’s health, she is thus less likely maintaining breastfeeding after her baby is born.

The respective study concluded stating that an amount of such antidepressants making way into a baby’s system is actually so low that interestingly it is even more advantageous for baby and mother to continue medication so to breastfeed plus lessen the risk of possible post-natal depression.


As per the researchers in Australia found that mothers on antidepressants tend to be more successful breastfeeding their children if they continue taking regular medications, as compared to those women who stop antidepressants due to their concerns about the child’s health.
Using the data from Danish National Birth Cohort situated in Denmark, a team at University of Adelaide tended to study the outcomes of mothers who were basically on antidepressants before they become pregnant. The outcomes very shocking as they found out that around two thirds of such mothers quit consuming their medications either post becoming expected or while breastfeeding.
Only one third continued taking the antidepressant medication their entire pregnancy plus while breastfeeding, interestingly such women were far more successful continuing breastfeeding up to plus beyond those initial suggested six months. Whereas those mothers who stopped consuming antidepressants were even more likely stopping breastfeeding in those suggested six months.
According to Dr Grzeskowiak, health benefits due to consistent breastfeeding outweigh greatly any supposed risk to baby from the antidepressant medication. It is an important message since the immense benefits from breastfeeding for the mother and baby are known by us, including a level of protection against the post-natal depression, he further added.

Just a low level of the amount of such medication finds the way into the breast milk, however on its balance, continuing the consumption of antidepressant medication plus maintains the regular breastfeeding is believed to be the great outcome for both mother and her baby. He further added that numerous women tend to struggle with some decisions regarding what they should do with their medications during pregnancy plus lactation, however in case they take antidepressants, they must be encouraged and supported by their family members, healthcare professionals and friends to continue their medication understanding the great breastfeeding outcomes all important for their baby and for them.

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Stay sharp even in your old age

Parents feel blessed having their own parents taking care of their children while they are busy at work. Well, an interesting study revealed a shocking fact for such loving and concerned grandmas.


Looking after children for around five days in a week or even more can actually make such grandmas less sharp, mentally. The study found those ones who performed poorly in a test that judge their mental processing speed and working memory.

Margery Gass of Northe American Menopause Society published this study in a journal stating that normally the aged women who are more socially active tend to have a considerable lower risk to develop dementia and have healthier cognitive function later. However too much of something too good can be bad too!


Few researchers from Women’s Healthy Aging Project actually conducted a test where 120 grandmothers were invited; their ages vary from 57 to 68 years.Each grandmother was given exactly three tests to judge her mental sharpness. Grannies that spent a day in a week to take care of their respective grandchildren surprisingly performed well in two of the three tests. However those grannies who take care of their grandchildren for five to six days a week showed worse results in their tests that judged their mental processing speed and working memory.

They also found that those grandmas, who tend to spent more time with their grandchildren, gradually develop a feeling that their own children are too demanding of them. Well, this suggests that their mood might have affected their results. Investigators interestingly are by now following up such project with some more research work. While the other studies have actually examined the direct relationship between being socially engaged and mental sharpness, this is hence the first to see at how the relationship affects grandmothers.


Well, after menopause, females are particularly at the higher risk to develop Alzheimer’s plus other cognitive disorders. According to Dr Grass, due to the fact that grand mothering is hence such a common and important social role for the postmenopausal women, we do need to understand and know more regarding its effects particularly on their heath in future, though this study was a great start, he further added.


The couple of Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert is now an officially married couple as per the confirmation by a rep. The couple shared the relationship since three years prior deciding to unite on 30 March 2014.  The 48 years old Perry, a record producer, musician and song writer and the 39 years old Gilbert, a well recognized actor of the movie Darlene corner have an age difference of straight nine years.


The two began dating in year 2011 and got engaged in year 2013. Picnickers witnessed the most amazing style of proposal while the couple was enjoying a dreamy picnic in a park of Los Angeles; Perry proposed her longtime love in a very unique way.

Perry actually planned a very romantic proposal with a brass band and a backup guitar which she put together particularly for this big event, added Gilbert. She pulled out a sequence of some T-shirts, each with a word, ‘WILL’, ‘You’, Marry’ Me, and last one with a question mark! Of course, I said yes!  The news of their engagement was shared by Sara Gilbert on ‘THE TALK’, her show last year.

Following a year after their engagement, they finally tied the knot! The duo got married in front of their family and few close friends. Sara acknowledged Johnny Galecki, her ex-boyfriend for really helping the lady come to terms by her sexuality. He is very cute and I had a hard crush on him, she further added.

Johnny and I started dating, while we make out, I start feeling depressed, I told him eventually that I thought it was actually about my sexuality. To my surprise, he was really sweet and cooperated about it.

Sara Gilbert has two children from her ex husband Allison Adler, a TV producer. The lady came out as the lesbian in year 2010 publicly, and hence eventually leading the couple to get separated harmoniously in the following year 2011.


The newly wed couple head off for their honey moon immediately after their marriage. All in all, we wish the love birds a happy marriage life ahead!

Russel Crowe Shrugging off Controversy Regarding Noah

Russel Crow’s recent movie Noah was initially released in Brazil on 21st of of March 2014. With the release a great controversy has arisen regarding the content of the movie within the Muslim nations. But Russel Crowe has taken the controversy regarding his latest film Noah, very lightly. He revealed in a sitting that he was fully expecting the negative reaction from the Muslim nation and he knew that this religious epic will be banned in the Muslim countries.

The star of Gladiator and Insiders is playing the ark building hero in this particular film. The story is of this Darren Aronofsky’s movie has been adapted from the Bible story “Great Flood”. Even before releasing the movie hit all the headlines when various countries particularly in Middle East banned the film to be released in their cinemas.


The surprising thing is that Russel Crowe thinks that even such a big ban is not a mighty setback for this movie, as he was always expecting that the Muslim nations will reject the idea depicted in this big budget, big screen blockbuster.

Russel Crowe stated in front of  Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper that the story however is recognized by all the religions and can be found in all the religious text, even in Quran (Islam’s holy book), the story of Noah’s arc is present. On the other hand people outside the boundaries of religion believe in flood mythology. According to Russel, the reason behind the rejection of this movie is that Muslim religion doesn’t allow making stories or furnish images of a Prophet, and therefore it was expected that various Islamic countries will ban this movie.

According to reliable sources, the movie Noah will not be released in the cinemas of Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and many other Muslim countries. Russel Crowe further acknowledges that the countries who have rejected the movie are missing the “discussion and stimulation” in a spiritual context. As per Russel Crowe the primary agenda of the movie is that whether a person possesses faith or doesn’t have faith, he or she will surely talk about it.

Ryan Gosling and Busby Berkely’s team up

Ryan Gosling, was born in 1980 on November 12 which makes him Canadian actor who also happens to be a director, writer and musician as well; an only 33 years old star. He started his career in 1993 on Disney Channel in Mickey Mouse Club where he was a a child star. Are you afraid of the dark was another of his hit program in 1995 along with Goosebumps in 1996, Breaker high in 97 and Young Hercules in 1998. But the movie which brought him to the stunning limelight is none other than The Notebook which was released in 2004. Gosling did justice to his romantic leading role and came into the eyes of wider range of audience.

Now the dilemma was that this blond hunk decided to take a very early retirement or a set back from the lime light just a year back. According to the current news, he is retracing his steps back to the big screen this year. It is being spread that the beautiful and stunning Gosling is apparently appearing in a piece by legendary Hollywood director and choreographer, Busby Berkeley.


Busby Berkeley has made the legend by giving dance routines in Gold Diggers, 42nd street and Footlight Parade in 1930s. He was nominated three times for the Oscars in the category of  Best Dance Direction which is currently defunct from the list of categories. His personal lifespan was no less legendary with six marriages and his arrests for a car accident which killed two people along with the famous feud with another legend Judy Garland.

It will no doubt be an amazing experience to see the hunk like gosling play on the tunes or better to say act on the directions of Berkely in their joint venture. Yes, it would be a joint venture because the rumors say that Gosling will indeed play the part in Busby Berkeley’s film and will also most probably produce the film.  Now it is worth waiting to see that what will the outcome of this teaming up of legendary Busby Berkely and stunning Ryan Gosling.

Are you looking for sources of natural vitamins?

One may try a couple of beauty products in order to have a flawless skin, yet may fail in achieving the desired result. On the other hand, by shifting to natural food with abundant vitamin pools may turn out to be very efficient. Here is a glimpse of foods with natural vitamin sources:


red bell pepper

Red bell is a cent percent vitamin C’s natural source. A single red bell pepper that can be taken in both in cooked and raw form fulfills your complete need of vitamin C. In addition to this, it serves as a source of dietary fiber and vitamin B6 plus contains significant amounts of carotenoids that may allow good blood circulation’ protect against acne and wrinkle free skin.




A rich source of Vitamin D is an excellent way to combat anxiety, stress and depression.Vitamin D keeps your vital organs as heart healthy and brain plus fortifies your bones.



coconut oil

Coconut oil is such a blessing as contains saturated fat with around ninety percent of calories. It is also filled with lauric acid, a dominant antiviral and antibacterial activity that may protect you from viral infections and skin acne or inflammation.

It also contains the content of interest that is Vitamin E that keeps one’s skin glowing and wrinkle free by maintaining a soft and smooth skin tone.




Another huge source of Vitamin E but the fun of in taking spinach is twice as it also provides rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, folate, fiber,  chlorophyll, magnesium, Vitamin A, fiber and plant protein.

It can be one of the best recipes for a healthy skin, as it entails antioxidant property and fight against a broad assortment of skin troubles. Simply when you eat spinach, you filter your skin, inside out!




Various seeds as the flax seeds, Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds are wonderful for nourishments all skin types.

The sunflower and the pumpkin seeds equally rich in Vitamin E, magnesium, selenium and additionally contains protein. The former moisturizes the skin while later keeps skin wrinkle free and fight against high stress conditions.