Can I Take Antidepressants While I Breastfeed My Baby?


Mothers who breastfeed their babies taking antidepressants do not tend to risk the baby’s health, according to scientists.



Indeed, women those on antidepressants are rather more successful to breastfeed their babies continuing their regular medication, a study found. In case such mother stops consuming her medication fearing her baby’s health, she is thus less likely maintaining breastfeeding after her baby is born.

The respective study concluded stating that an amount of such antidepressants making way into a baby’s system is actually so low that interestingly it is even more advantageous for baby and mother to continue medication so to breastfeed plus lessen the risk of possible post-natal depression.


As per the researchers in Australia found that mothers on antidepressants tend to be more successful breastfeeding their children if they continue taking regular medications, as compared to those women who stop antidepressants due to their concerns about the child’s health.
Using the data from Danish National Birth Cohort situated in Denmark, a team at University of Adelaide tended to study the outcomes of mothers who were basically on antidepressants before they become pregnant. The outcomes very shocking as they found out that around two thirds of such mothers quit consuming their medications either post becoming expected or while breastfeeding.
Only one third continued taking the antidepressant medication their entire pregnancy plus while breastfeeding, interestingly such women were far more successful continuing breastfeeding up to plus beyond those initial suggested six months. Whereas those mothers who stopped consuming antidepressants were even more likely stopping breastfeeding in those suggested six months.
According to Dr Grzeskowiak, health benefits due to consistent breastfeeding outweigh greatly any supposed risk to baby from the antidepressant medication. It is an important message since the immense benefits from breastfeeding for the mother and baby are known by us, including a level of protection against the post-natal depression, he further added.

Just a low level of the amount of such medication finds the way into the breast milk, however on its balance, continuing the consumption of antidepressant medication plus maintains the regular breastfeeding is believed to be the great outcome for both mother and her baby. He further added that numerous women tend to struggle with some decisions regarding what they should do with their medications during pregnancy plus lactation, however in case they take antidepressants, they must be encouraged and supported by their family members, healthcare professionals and friends to continue their medication understanding the great breastfeeding outcomes all important for their baby and for them.

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