Autumn Beauty Trends

1. The V-manicure

Are you a fan of French manicure, who wants to try something new? If so, this new trend is perfect for you. Try two-tone manicure with a triangle at the bottom of a nail.


2. The rough ponytail

Add several scrunchies to your ponytail in order to make some humps.


3. Burgundy lipstick

If you want to be noticed and you are open to bold experiments with your make-up, then try on this beautiful deep lipstick shade.


4. Eye-liner

Don’t be afraid to use eye-liner with eye-shadows with main attention to a tail of an eye. So-called “Egyptian” look is very trendy right now


5. Stay blush-free

Forget your blushes and rosy powders. Having even complexion is a new trend.