Drop That Eyeliner Pencil! This is the 2014 Way to Do a Cat Eye


One of the major trends coming out of Paris Fashion Week this season is the very, very, very dramatic cat eye. I mean flashing-lights, jazz-hands, should-have-its-own-theme-music dramatic.


Take a look at the very thick, bubbly version at Dries Van Noten:


And this gorgeous blue take at Kenzo:


And this incredibly smudgy one at Lanvin:


This one might not scream “cat eye” to you at first, but with its thicker “tails,” it’s definitely in the neighborhood.

The thing these looks all have in common is that you could basically see them from space. Nothing delicate here. And you know, you do have to admit that they don’t look retro, which means it’s a true update on an old classic. So take note: This year your cat eyes should be INTENSE. Prepare to apply your liner with a spackling tool.