Handy Eyeliner Tricks (Part 1)


Purple for Blue!

If you want to emphasize your blue eyes just add some purple eyeliner. Your baby blue eyes will shine. A pink or brown eyeshadow will be the best match. Give it a try.




Don’t Forget to Remove it at Night!

ALWAYS clean off your liner. Even if you think small amount of makeup will not hurt you, your skin may think otherwise. Beware of wrinkles and stuffed pores. Unscented wipes will be very handy at all times.



Elongated Eyes!

If you have smaller eyes you can create an effect of longer eyes with ease. Draw a line from the center of the upper lashline to the outer rim (without wings). Then line the outer third corner of your lower lashline, in this way connecting the tip to the line you made above.



Don’t Forget The Inner Rims!

Line your inner rims to create sexy night time look. Dark colors will make small eyes look smaller! So use it smart.



Choose The Right Pencil!!

During the day your makeup should look professional so choose a mechanical pencil as they are drier and you will avoid fading. As for the night you can experiment with different colors and types as longevity is the last thing you think of.



The Classic

The cat-eye is a the basic eyeliner technique for a polished look either day or night. You should master this one of the best eyeliner tricks. Simply trace eyeliner along upper lash line and let the tail extend a little further past your lid.



Getting Colorful

If you like color don’t limit your cat-eye look. Play up this look with bright liquid eyeliners. Just remember to keep the rest of your makeup neutral.



Lay It On Thick

Cat-eye is used way too much? Go for a new look by making that line thicker, or use gel eyeshadow to extend the original line. New twist to old story.



(Don’t) Be Such A Square

If you are bored with cat-eye you can make it a little edgier by squaring off the tip that goes past your lash line. Use pencil liner to create this shape and you will never be boring!



The “Drop-Eye”

To apply this technique you need to line your entire upper lash line and the outer half of your lower lash line. Keep the lower lines thinner, this will prevent a costume makeup look.