Handy Eyeliner Tricks (Part 2)



Smokey eyes? No! This recent grunge revival gave a new wave of makeup trend. Smudging is a hot trick to have in your night-out makeup. Don’t let the smudging get too out of control, or you’ll risk to have melting makeup.




The Cleopatra

Of course you can use it for Halloween party but it’s a perfect way to spice up your everyday look. To achieve this you’ll need: 1)Black liquid eyeliner, 2)A steady hand, and 3)Confidence.




Fly like a bird. Winged eyeliner is the cat-eye’s flirty cousin. Turning the bit of liner past your lash line upward creates this cute wing effect.



Faux & Fabulous

If you don’t have fake eyelashes or just want to create effect like that try adding an extra wing to your eyeliner line. That will give you some spice!



Just A Pop

Want to look like a popstar? It’s very simple. Just apply color to ONLY your upper OR lower lash line. The key to this look is to keep your makeup more neutral.



Sultry & Smokey

Here is the way to create your perfect smokey eye look. Try to add a good chunky pencil eyeliner. If you only have liquid liner just apply it to your top lid and the outer half of your bottom lash line, when it gets dry, smudge with a q-tip.



On The Inside

Applying eyeliner all over your eyes can be tricky task but on the other hand when it is done right your eye will look fabulous. Balance out your pencil eyeliner with a similar colored shadow. Be very careful, you don’t want your eyes to look dirty.



Walking A Thin Line

Eyeliner shouldn’t be show off. Even a thin line can add charm to your look. Your eyes will pop but will give more freedom to makeup on your lips.



White Out

White eyeliner can make your eyes not only bigger but also create allusion that you are fresh and wide awake. Just remember that a little goes a long way. Too much can make you look like an alien.



All That Glitters

This is one of the most popular eyeliner tricks. Your party look will love some glitter. Add some sparkle and shine like a diamond!