How to Wear Glitter Eye Makeup?


The eye is the main part of your face. That explains your personality before you speak. Makeup means that you are adding color and shades in a beautiful way. With passing time trends change and new things are introduced in makeup.



Now talk about the range of Glitter Eye Makeup. Glitter gives you a new sparking look with only a little effort. For party, wedding and every time when you want a change in mood, just give your eyes a glittery eye shade with light lip-gloss. That is the perfect look for adults as well as teenagers. But women may change the lipstick shades.


Mostly the women prefer to go to a beauty popular for makeup for a special occasion like a party. But, sometimes you don’t have sufficient time to get the services from a beautician, so in that case you can try the smoky eye makeup at home. Doing so saves your time and money.

Steps for the Perfect Glitter Eye Makeup

 First Step:

Apply concealer both above and below the side of your eyelid. Foundation can also used before applying the concealer if you want.

Second Step:

After that, use masking tape at the corner of your eyes. That will help in a fully aligned eye makeup. But take care that you don’t damage your base and foundation.

Third Step:

Use base color which you want to apply, like black, skin, pink, or any other shade that match with your dress.


Fourth Step:

Before applying glitter shades use Petroleum Jelly, which will give you a fine look. Any glitter color like sliver, black, grey and golden may be used on the eye with the help of a soft brush or glitter stick. This will give a different and modern look.

Fifth Step:

In this step apply liner that is most important in makeup. Apply to the edges of your eyes that suits you, either thick or thin.

Sixth Step:

Apply Mascara in the last. And now glittery eye makeup is complete.You can use powder brush for the final touch of the makeup. Apply pink or any light colored gloss on your lips with pink blush on the cheeks for a complete makeup look.


So, after trying these simple and easy steps you can complete your look for a party without going to a salon. I am sure it will save your time and money effectively.