Instagram Insta-Glam: Graphic Liner


If you’ve been paying attention to the runways during fashion month, you know that there’s a shift happening in makeup to focus on the eyes. Whether it’s wearing a bold color or a graphic shape, eyes are beginning to take the spotlight from lips and nails, which have been the stars for the past few seasons. Apparently, the ladies of Instagram are beginning to follow the trend, because our newsfeed is being flooded with graphic eyes instead of bold lips.


We’ve put together our favorite graphic liner looks in the slideshow above to inspire you to try the trend. Take a look at our picks, then tell us which is your favorite in the comments below!

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Do you dare try graphic eyeliner?


@Jennybeckman went for an elaborate eye look, keeping lines thin on the inner corners and really going with a bold take on the cat eye on the outer corner.


@Mariamroxx paired her striking liner with a metallic pink lip that screams ’90s.


@Archibaldtolentino proves she can make a statement with makeup alone, pairing black and green graphic liner for a gutsy look.


@Mirandawehlin knows that graphic eyeliner doesn’t mean you can slack off on brow grooming.

5Moniquejseneres’s graphic liner may be simple, but it still makes our jaws drop.


Why only follow one pattern when you can create two with liner? Follow @Sokolowskaanna’s lead and go for an all-over graphic eye.


@Suesue_308’s eye is a step up from the typical cat eye, and it would only be right to finish the look with a red lip.


Keep the emphasis on your eye makeup by pulling your hair into a slick top knot like @Triinknowlesmakeup.