Instagram Insta-Glam: Sock Buns


After what was hopefully a long holiday vacation, most of us are in “lazy girl” mode. Throw in New Year’s Eve, and the first thing you probably reached for this morning was concealer and dry shampoo. Luckily, this is most likely not your first time at the let’s-pretend-I-look-well-rested-rodeo. By now, you’ve figured out that after splashing some cold water on your face, dabbing some of your favorite concealer on in those key places and twisting your hair up into a sock bun, you can make it out the door to meet your friends for that brunch you thought was a great idea looking pretty well put-together.


But, just in case you need a bit more motivation to get yourself looking the part, we’ve pulled some inspiration from one of our favorite places on the Web – Instagram. Above are some of the chicest sock buns we’ve spotted lately on Instagram to get you through the first day of 2014, and the many more hectic ones to come!

There’s no better hairstyle for New Year’s Day.705x528


@Nelllbellle completes her adorable sock bun with face-grazing bangs, sunglasses and a bold red lip.

529x529 (8)


@SereraHair’s slightly disheveled sock bun isn’t finished without a few flowers tucked around the base.

529x529 (9)


@Sawpages proves that the sock bun also works for wedding hairstyles when left sleek and neat.

529x529 (10)


This sleek sock bun from @_wow_fashion was finished with a braid around the base of the bun for a fun touch.

529x529 (11)


On the otherhand, @gurly_fashionxoxo added multiple braids into her bun for more texture.

529x529 (12)


@Laurencatharine1’s classic take on the bun is gorgeous against her hair color.

529x529 (13)


@Jessx70 used her contrasting hair colors to really set her sock bun apart.



This bun from @fashionistalovey doesn’t have a hair out of place – plus, we’re loving how she topped it off with a big bow.

529x529 (15)