BeautyInstagram Insta-glam: The Choppy Bob

Instagram Insta-glam: The Choppy Bob

It’s no secret that the choppy bob has taken over as the haircut of the moment. What started as a gutsy move on Karlie Kloss’ part turned into a Hollywood red carpet sensation, and celebrities can’t get enough of the short, textured hairstyle. Clearly, real girls love the cut too, because our Instagram feeds were all but taken over with bob haircuts this week.

Take a look at some of our favorite bob hairstyles in the slideshow above, then tell us if you would ever make the chop in the comments below!

You’re going to seriously want to chop your hair off after seeing these selfies…


We love @Vickijane24’s blunt cut. The soft layers frame her face and help show off her features.


@Songsparrows side bangs are a great addition to her face-framing bob.


@Edonsalonandgallery shows off this perfect bangs-and-bob combo, and we love the instant Parisian chic vibe.


@Tamararobyn’s toussled tresses are giving us serious hair envy.


We don’t know what we love more about @Mouzycat’s hair: The vibrant color or her messy curls.


@Lorna_hart’s curls are the perfect way to rock natural hair.


@Saritababy’s asymmetrical cut is a definite head turner.


A deep side part and a black and white filter? @Missredlipstick’s hair (and photo) is the definition of retro glam.




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