BeautyMakeup Tips for Women with Light Skin & Blonde Hair

Makeup Tips for Women with Light Skin & Blonde Hair

A lot of blondes with light skin have no idea how to use makeup to elaborate their pale skin. Whether you fight with trying to hide your freckles or just want to highlight your lineaments and look pretty and fresh, these makeup tips will help you to look just gorgeous!



Don’t Stick with Pastel Eye Shadow Colors.

If you’re a blonde, don’t even think that you are compelled to stick with pastel eye shadow colors. Sure, you can use them, but you should also use browns, purples, grays and silvers to get the look you want.

Use Only The Right Eyeliner Shades.

Blondes are lucky in that they can use eyeliner shades of almost any color. The best shades to try are: gray, violet, blue and brown. However, black can be used for a sure!



Concealer is a Fair Skinned Gal’s Best Friend.

If you are the one who has freckles or other blemishes, they will show up a lot if your skin is fair. Thus, concealer will become your best friend. Find a concealer to make your skin tone. Put it on any area you want to conceal and blend the edges until it looks seamless on your face. This will need practice, so don’t give up!

Bronzer Will Give Your Complexion Some ZEST!

If you want a sunkissed look, be free to use bronzer. After you’ve attached your foundation and/or powder, take a big round blush and apply bronzer in a light bronze color. Only add it to your t-zone and to your cheeks. Remember, less is more when it comes to bronzer!



Have a Light Hand with the Blush.

Loading up on blush won’t make you look less fair and will only end up making you look like a clown. So, when it comes to choose blush colors, stick with a sheer pink or neutral color. Add a little to the apples of your cheeks and examine it in natural sunlight. If you feel you need more at that point, add more. If you overdo it, you can always use a little powder or foundation to tone it back down without having to re-do all of your makeup.

Choose lip colors in pinks and corals.

Lipstick can help pale skin look brighter, but overloading on dark colors of lipstick can end up making you look even fairer. Stick with lighter colored lipsticks of pinks and corals. You can also opt for colored lip glosses for a more natural and fresher look.



Fair skin generally needs more moisture than darker skin.

When you have fair skin, moisturizing and taking care of your skin is very important. Fine lines, spots and blemishes show up a lot more on light skin than darker skin tones. Thus, it’s important to use a light moisturizer after you shower each morning and a thicker night time moisturizer before bed.

Brown Mascara Looks More Natural.

 When it comes to mascara and blondes, it’s best to wear brown mascara for daytime hours and save the dark mascara colors for night wear only for a more dramatic look.

Use Your Neckline to Choose a Foundation.

Fair skinned beauties often choose the wrong foundation tint. They end up looking almost white powder like, which is never a good look on anyone. Thus, choosing a foundation can be kind of tricky. The best thing to do is visit your local mall cosmetics counter to allow a professional to help you with the task. However, if you’d prefer not to, simply look at your neckline and try to match a foundation color to that area.

Use Sunscreen EVERYDAY.

Cosmetics can certainly help your fair skin look radiant, but for overall great looking skin, you’ll also need to work diligently to protect it. To do this, you should work a daily sunscreen on your body and your face into your skin care routine. Use one with a fairly high SPF to ensure you’re getting the best protection possible.


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