New Hair Color: Street Style Inspiration for the Coolest New Hues


When it comes time to schedule an appointment for a haircut, almost immediately after making the appointment we head to our “Hair Color Inspiration” board on Pinterest. From hair chalking to pastel hair dye to figuring out a new, gorgeous way to do balayage highlights (a bit of a safer choice than rainbow hair a la Chloe Norgaard), the hair color opportunities are endless.


New York Fashion Week may come with runways, but it also brings street style, and this year’s show attendees were just as inspiring as the designers. Girls with fiery red, pastel pink and platinum blonde hair walked the streets, and we couldn’t help but pull them all into one place for some new hair color inspiration. Above is hair inspiration for the daring as well as the classic beauty — a new hair color for everyone, if you will.

It doesn’t get any cooler than purple tips, people. Invest in some Manic Panic hair dye to get this look at home. Whether you’re blonde or brunette, the purple will add some cool girl flare.


Keep your light brown hair its natural color from the roots to the midlengths, but play with color on the ends. Bleach the tips blonde and dyeing pink over the lighter color so it really pops.


If you’re thinking of going red, auburn is a gorgeous option. Keep undertones just a hint of copper-red instead of copper-blonde for a deeper hue.


For your hair to be this platinum you’ll need to do a double process, getting you to a white blonde color. Dark, bold brows contrasting with the lighter hair color will make for an edgy look.


This hair color combination is not for the faint of heart. Pair up a light blue and a light green for an ombre-like look that seems like it belongs undersea.


For brunettes who want a subtle but stunning change, add in a few pieces of platinum blonde around your face and underneath your hair. Even though it’s not a huge change, you’ll feel like a new person […]


If you’re already a platinum blonde (or even if you’re not, for that matter), splash in a bit of pastel pink and purple colors and you’ll have the chicest hair of anyone you know.


For a red that’s more fiery than subdued, stick with copper-blonde undertones and get yourself a shampoo and conditioner set that’s meant to keep red hair vibrant for longer.