One Little Thing Not to Do With Your Eyeliner (But We’re Still Your Makeup Groupies, Camilla Belle!)

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In recent times, we have come to know Camilla Belle for always having the most airbrush-perfect makeup on the red carpet, and for being able to pull of literally any makeup trend better than pretty much anyone. But I have to admit, I am not 100-percent on board with the look she wore to last night’s H&M Conscious dinner in West Hollywood.

Here’s the detail I’m not sure about—and I do realize I am being ridiculously nitpicky and that Camilla is still flawless. But I’m going to go ahead and argue with perfection.


That super-skinny and extended-out swipe of eyeliner is a fun idea in theory, but look what happens when you smile.


The little line suddenly becomes one of the smile lines around her eyes and plays them up, for a crow’s feet effect (when clearly any lines she has are the same normal creases even teenagers get when making a happy face). I would NEVER have though about this side effect of cat eyes but now I definitely will; I think the key to avoiding this is making sure the liner is darker and a little thicker, so it can in no way morph into a wrinkle!