Signature Star Style: 7 “It Girls” Known for One Beauty Look


Twiggy had her lashes, Bo Derek her braids, and Diana Ross her fro—but there’s a new wave of A-listers setting the trends these days. Girls like Rihanna, Suki Waterhouse, Miley Cyrus, and Lorde are taking hair and makeup looks to new extremes and the beauty industry is paying attention.


Check out the seven celebs who have become known for their distinct style (with the exception of Rihanna and her ever-changing aesthetic that is) and get inspired to find your own go-to trademark.

Purple Lipstick and Mega Curls

Lorde has literally brought the purple pout to new levels this year. With a MAC Cosmetics collaboration on the verizon and a bevy of copycat teens girls stealing her style, […]

Bedhead Bangs

The genius behind Suki Waterhouse’s fringe is in their slightly messy feel. Choppy, uneven, wispy—call them what you will, but they scored Bradly Cooper. Pause while we go get banged at the […]


Try Anything Once and Kill It

Ah, Bad Gal RiRi…what can’t she do? Black and blue lips, every hairstyle under the sun, serious stiletto nails—Rihanna is the ultimate beauty trendsetter.


Those Brows

Speaking of Ri, her bestie Cara Delevingne has single handly been the catalyst for the return of bigger, bolder brows. The supermodel might be the muse of every major designer right now, but […]


Pastel Rainbow Brite

Chloe Nørgaard’s pastel rainbow ‘do turned heads at fashion month and has us convinced chalked, dipped, streaked strands are not going anywhere.


Soft Waves and Peachy Lips

The Disney star turned major pop star might still be figuring out her identity (and relationship status), but one thing’s for sure—she hasn’t ditched her roots. Her brunette […]


Platinum Pixie

Forget the tongue, the latex undies, the usually crimson-stained pucker, and the beyond groomed bod, Miley’s #1 signature feature is her hair. When Miles went #shorthairdontcare her career […]