Steps for Fabulous Smokey Eye Makeup


Eye makeup plays an important role in your looks. It can give you a complete transformation from your real look. There are many styles that can be followed in eye makeup but over the last few years one makeup trend has always been in fashion. Yes!!! smoky eyes are the most favorite among all. Either it is the party or wedding ceremony smoky eyes with light shade of lipstick can give you a perfect look. So, today we are going to feature some of the Steps for Fabulous Smokey Eye Makeup.



Our main focus in today’s post will be on the ways how you can do smoky makeup in homes in just few simple steps. Following  are some steps that can help you to get perfect smoky eyes.


Step 1:

Apply concealer evenly on your eyelids together with some foundation if you want. This will make a perfect base for the eye shadow.

Step 2:

Next you will use eye pencil or a liquid eye liner on the eyelids’ top and bottom keeping thick layer at the end corners. If your eyes are small then apply them in the center of the eyelids to get a wider look.

Step 3:

Use the small spongy applicator for dark eye shadow and apply it on the eyeliner edge to give a soft look. You can use either grey, silver or grayish black color for this sake.

Step 4:

For blending the eye makeup use a wet soft brush carefully to get equal blending in complete area.

Step 5:

Now at the end apply 3-4 coats of black mascara on the top and bottom eyelashes. Use the mascara of the renowned brand that has less chemical otherwise it can cause itching in your eyes.

Step 6:

Last but not the least use fluffy powder brush for the finishing effect of the makeup. Apply pink or peach glossy color for your lips with pink blush on the cheeks for a complete makeup.


So, try out these six simple and easy steps to achieve a perfect look for your makeup without going to a salon. Try it out and let us know your precious comments.