The Best Backstage Snaps From Chanel Couture


Karl Lagerfeld is rarely one to disappoint, and today was no different at Chanel’s Spring 2014 Couture show. While the hair and makeup wowed us once again (and trust us, we’ll get to that) what has everyone talking is the fact that Lagerfeld dressed up his models in his usual gowns and Chanel suits, and then had them trot out onto the runway in sneakers – but don’t worry, they were bedazzled sneakers.


Considering model Cara Delevingne opened and closed the show, sneakers weren’t a bad choice – the quite young, and fittingly always bouncing off the walls model was perfectly fine strutting up and down a runway in flat shoes – and the other girls proved that they had no problem either. Plus, we’re pretty excited to see that high fashion runways are taking to comfier footwear, don’t you agree?

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As for the hair and makeup, hairstylist Sam McKnight and makeup artist Peter Philips created a look to offset this athletic show wearing girl. For the hair, McKnight accessorized with what he could only describe as “hairybands” – literally spikey headbands to match the girls hair. Philips gave the girls each a matte face, bold brows and ’60s winged black liner offset but a bottom line of silver glitter, proving that metallic is still in.

Above, we’ve pulled our favorite behind-the-scenes snapshots from backstage, from Sam McKnight’s model shots to Lindsey Wixson and Cara Delevingne goofing off. If you couldn’t make it to the Chanel show this morning (or your invite got lost in the mail) you’ll at least feel like you were there!

Makeup artist @piiahiltunenmakeup shows off her handiwork while working on Peter Philips’ team.


Cara Delevingne is her usual self backstage, goofing off with her model friends.


Hairstylist Sam McKnight shows off the “hairy” headbands he used to create the look.


Sam McKnight also took this photo of the final look on Cara Delevingne, which included a special feathered headpiece.


Model Kate Goodeling shows off her final look before the show.