The Biggest Beauty Risks at the Oscars, Ever


The last awards show of the season, the Academy Awards is also the most prestigious. While this means big doings for the stars nominated, it also means that the hair and makeup on the red carpet leans on the side of caution. The looks tend to be very classic with smooth hair and nude lips, but every now and again a celebrity steps out with a bolder look.


From Viola Davis’ debuting her natural hair to Scarlett Johansson’s orange eyeshadow, we’ve rounded up the biggest beauty risks that celebrities have taken on the Oscars red carpet. Take a look at some of the riskiest looks above, and tell us if you think they were worth it in the comments below!

Do you think these red carpet risks were worth it?


At the 2012 Academy Awards, Viola Davis took the “risk” of walking the red carpet with natural hair, and it totally paid off. Just as the short hair trend was picking up for women, Viola proved you don’t […]


Scarlett Johansson has never looked bad (really, we dare you to disprove that), and though she was bold enough to go for orange eyeshadow while wearing a purple dress, the look was quite controversial […]


Helena Bonham-Carter has never been one to stay low key on the carpet, and in 2006, she arrived at the Academy Awards with some of the most teased hair we’ve ever seen. She may look elegant, but as […]


Putting the overdone hair out of our minds for a second, Lisa Rinna’s even bigger risk in 2009 was matching her purple eyeliner with her dress. Maybe if the liner was applied to the upper lash line […]


Sandra Bullock went for the elegant glamour look in 2010, but decided to spice up her neutral gown and sleek hair with a bold red lip that made her stand out at the Oscars.


Hayden Panettiere went a bit overboard with the false eyelashes, but we have to give her credit for the matte wine lipstick that really makes her look elegant. If she had gone easier on the lashes, we […]


Salma Hayek’s extreme updo with a gold hair accessory to match her high collar dress was just too much, but her makeup was flawless. Hopefully, the actress will have put 2013 behind her at this year’s […]


Back in 2001, Kate Hudson wore natural curls to the Academy Awards. We’re not used to seeing this side of her today, but the curly haired girl in us absolutely loves that she opted for a natural […]


Back in 2007 (pre-Justin Timberlake), Jessica Biel went for an interesting chignon style, keeping the top of her hair on the wavy, frizzy side rather than smoothing it out. The jury’s still out on this […]


Kelly Ripa took “formal” a bit too far in 2012 when she arrived at the Oscars red carpet with one of the largest bun donuts we’ve ever seen. A smaller style would’ve been more […]