The Craziest Things to Happen at Fashion Week: Beauty Bloggers Tell All

Oh, Fashion Week. There’s so much to love and loathe about it. Regardless of your deep-seeded emotions and night terrors as the first day approaches, you can be confident you will end the week with an array of heartwarming and harrowing memories. Some may even be as crazy as those of our favorite beauty insiders, above!

There’s nothing like an insider telling you the craziest things that really happen at fashion week — and we got seven insiders to spill.



“The craziest thing for me was the DEVASTATING news that Patrick Swayze passed, which I learned at a fashion week party OK! Magazine threw for then new contributing beauty writer Kim Kardashian in 2009. […]


“It was my first fashion week. I was backstage at a show, which was this enormous warehouse situation. Everything was dark and the music was really loud. I waited for nearly two hours and no one came […]


“My very first fashion week, I was invited to a breakfast at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Lounge. I was a big fan and had never met him before, so I was very excited. As I walked off the elevator, I saw some […]


“The craziest thing to ever happen to me during fashion week was a few years ago when I was invited to a party by some publicist I’d never met before. I went with a close friend who also worked in the […]


“I had someone ‘impersonate’ me once at fashion week! At Bryant Park, before the days of everything being done electronically, publicists at the “front of house” would have large black binder with all of […]


“Craziest thing to happen to me during fashion week was filming a interview with a fellow blogger, only to be punked by the VP of one of my favorite beauty brands. Said VP had us convinced that he was a […]


“The craziest thing that I’ve seen at fashion week? I feel like I could write a book (or at least a really long blog post), but my favorite story, hands down, is from my very first fashion week. My […]


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