Tips To Look Bold – Enhance Your Looks


bold look


Makeup can define your look and your look defines your attitude. You always want to experiment with your looks and try a different one each time. Sometime you feel like defying all boundaries and putting up a very bold look and putting a make-up that helps you attain that look. Putting on bold make up might be desirable but might not be very easy. But with few easy and simple tips and tricks you can let your make up define your bold and daring look. Some of the best tips to look bold are:

Start with a clean fresh face

This is very important for any kind of business.

  • Start by washing your face and remove any previous make up with a make-up cleaning kit.
  • Apply a cleanser with a moisturizer and start with a supple skin that is easy to put make up on.

Choose your shades and look

Decide what bold look you want to put on.


  • Decide the colors of each accessory you want to put ranging from your eye color to kajal to lip gloss and lip color.
  • All these should complement each other and put together they should give you a complete and bold look.

Bold Lip liner

To accentuate the curves and contour of the lips, you should always use a lip liner.


  • Use this to define the boundaries of your lip stick. You can use a different shade as your lipstick shade or the same color. A different color gives a bolder look.

Apply a base

Apply a suitable base that suits your skin.


  • You can also use a combination of lacto calamine with your foundation and compact.
  • You may also need to put concealer to conceal some of the blemishes and marks.
  • Use what gives you a smooth and even base to start putting your make up on.

Use the right lipstick shade

Your lipstick shade complements the shade of your eye shadow.

beautiful woman with professional make-up makes choice between d

  • Make sure the shade of your lipstick does not mask your beautiful eye makeup.
  • Also it should match your skin tone.
  • A clear lip gloss with just sparkle can also do, but you can use bright colors like red and pink also, if they match with your dress.

Make your eyes bold

Start with your bold look with a good eye make-up that makes you look bold.


  • You can try the smoky look. It is in vogue and gives a real bold look.
  • You can also try brushing of a solid eye color on the whole eyelid. It really dominates the look of the face.

Cheek color

This is another important part of your bold make up.


  • Use a good shade on your cheekbones to accentuate their look.
  • Highlight on top of the bone. This will add highlight to your eyes also. Do the blending with a larger brush.

Use Cat eye look

This is also an amazing eye look that you can try for your bold make up look.


  • Start from the center of your lash line and spread the color outside.
  • You can use a pencil also to create this look or a powder eye shadow.

Team up with right clothes

Accessorize your bold make up with bold clothes.


  • Use of a leather jacket is the best way.
  • Use a good clutch for your hand with golden beads and bold colors.

Use a thick eye liner

This is a very small and often forgotten part of your eye makeup. Make sure your eye shadow does not conceal your eye liner.


  • It should be put after you have already put your eye shadow.
  • You can use either a powder or a liquid pencil eye liner.
  • Try wearing your eye liner a little thick. It makes your eyes look bold and big.