Top 10 Best Foods To Lose Weight


There is very common saying that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. If you are gaying unnecessary weight that will directly affect your health. This is because with the increase in your body weight there would be a number of health problems that will occur. The worst part of gaining weight is that you become flabby sand that makes all your clothes tight. Apart from this you will start looking older than your original age. If you do not put a stop in your weight gain it might lead to heart diseases as well. So, without wasting any time start adding the following in your diet and start losing weight.


Almonds – The Crunchy Nuts



People generally have a wrong conception about nuts and especially almonds. Almonds are great as a good morning start. They work as good filler and thus a handful of them can keep you full throughout the morning.

Apples – Loads Of Fiber



All of us know that we can stay healthy by having at least a single apple in a day. Apart from the healthy properties, an apple is a great fruit that helps in losing weight. This is because an apple is full of fiber and it keeps you full.

Avocados – The Dreamy Creamy Delight


The avocados are very tasty as well as delicious. They contain mono-saturated fat which helps in reducing weight. Include avocadoes in your diet and enjoy a tasty treat of losing weight.

Bell Peppers – The Colorful Bells



The bell peppers are great food that accelerates the weight losing process. The bell peppers are available in attractive colors like red, yellow, orange and green. Moreover, they are rich in vitamin C

BlueBerries – The Power Pack Of Fiber And Antioxidant



The blueberries can do wonders in keeping you slim, healthy and beautiful. The reason behind so many benefits of having blueberries is that it is full of fiber and antioxidant. The fiber keeps you full and the antioxidant make you look young.

Cauliflower And Broccoli – The Crunchy Cruciferous



The cauliflower and broccoli are loaded with fiber hence are great for losing weight. Not only this they are cancer fighters as they are proved to fight the stomach and lung cancer and colorectal.

Cinnamon – Use In Place Of Sugar

Greek Yoghurt – A miraculous Treat

The Cinnamon is a spice that contains the weight losing properties. It slows down the insulin release in the body if added in the food in place of sugar. Moreover, cinnamon is again popular as it increases energy.

Eggs – Loads Of Protein



If eggs can be eaten boiled or slightly cooked in little bit of oil then they are great. They are rich in protein and helps in reducing fat.

Grapefruit – Feel filled Up Without Calories


The grape fruit contains 90% of water and this is the reason they are the best for losing weight. They will make you feel filled up and are low in calories.

Greek Yoghurt – A miraculous Treat



It’s creamy and rich in calcium. The probiotics helps in the process of digestion. It’s sweet without sugar. The Greek yoghurt contains double protein, lesser sugar, and lesser lactose. It is creamier and thicker.

Enjoy losing weight with the best fruits and food….

Summary: In this post we have come up with the top foods that really help in weight loss. We have tried to help you in the process of weight loss by providing you some tasty treats which will help you enjoy your weight loss program. Keep reading for more.