Top 10 Super Foods For Getting Healthy Hair


Beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair is the dream of every girl. There are boys as well who are obsessed about their hair. No matter whether you are a girl or a boy, we have come up with the super foods for your hair. The super foods mentioned below are proved to be the best for the overall health and quality of hair.





Salmon is one of fatty fishes which have been proved to be good for hair, skin, blood vessels and brain. This tasty fish is full of vitamin B-12, iron, fatty acid omega 3, and protein. It gives shiny hair and solves problems like hair loss, dry hair etc. For vegetarians flax seeds can do the same.




Do you love having nuts? If not you will start to because nutrients available in nuts are great for hair. The zinc present in nuts prevents hair shredding. The selenium present in Brazil nuts is very good for the health of hair scalp. Nuts are the best source of vitamin E and thus are very good for overall appearance and health of hair.




Eggs are the greatest source to protein, biotin, and iron. The protein present in eggs offers strength to hair and helps in hair growth at the same time. The B vitamin in the form of biotin helps in hair growth and scalp health. The hair follicles receives oxygen through the iron present in eggs.

Dark Green Vegetables


The green vegetables like Swiss chard, broccoli, kale, and Spinach are the greatest source of Vitamin C and A. With the intake of these vegetables the production of sebum is accelerated naturally. Sebum is the natural conditioner to the hair.

Fruits with Bright Color

Fruits with Bright Color

The bold fruits like peaches, pineapples, kiwi, strawberries, and mango are rich in Vitamin C. The production of collagen is accelerated with the intake of vitamin C. The collagen offers the right structure to the hair.

Dairy Products (With Low-fat)


The whey and casein are highly rich in protein and are found in dairy products like skimmed milk, yogurt and cheese. At the same time they contain calcium which is again important for the hair growth.



Carrots have the quality to provide a healthy scalp and hair. Carrots are not only good for hair but are excellent for skin as well. Eating carrot in any form can make you look fresh and youthful.

Sweet Potatoes



Beta carotene is a hair loss preventer. Sweet potatoes even contain protein, iron, copper, and vitamin C. With the intake of sweet potatoes you can save your scalp from being affected with dandruff.



Oysters are all time favorite item for the dinner plate. They are rich in zinc which helps in overall growth and health of hair. Zinc is even found in lamb or beef in high amounts. In case you are a vegetarian eat chickpeas and pumpkin seeds for getting zinc.


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Lentils are again a rich source to iron, protein, biotin and zinc. Thus, it is for sure good for hair health. You can have lentils soup regularly to get shiny as well as healthy hair.

Summary: In this post we have shared some of the super foods which have seen their miraculous effects towards hair health. We have mentioned how these super foods help in the growth and health of hair. Find more health and beauty related information at