Top 10 Tips To Get Rid of Dry Skin


Top 10 Tips To Get Rid of Dry Skin


With the advent of winters the fear of dry skin is here again. Temperature change and dry air, both combined together can leave your skin to look dry and lifeless.  You might feel that your skin is itchy and there might be certain blushed sensitive spots that might pain and you might feel like scratching them. You might be searching for few tips to get rid of dry skin. There are Top 10 Tips To Get Rid of Dry Skin and preventing it from becoming dry and dead in winters. Some of them are:

Drink enough water

Water can keep you hydrated from within and can help your skin get enough water to be nourished and hydrated.


  • You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.
  • Also keep away alcohol, sodas and coffee away from you, as they dehydrate your body.

Do not rub your skin

When you wash your face or skin, do not rub your skin to dry it.


  • Use a gentle patting motion to dry your skin on face and body.
  • Use a soft towel for your face and body.

Have a healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet is essential to get right nutrients for your skin.


  • Eat enough fruits and add enough fiber to your diet.
  • Avoid processed foods and add fish, whole grains and enough water rich foods to your diet.

Moisturize your skin

Ideally you should moisturize your skin all-round the year. But moisturizing the skin in winters becomes all the more necessary. Use a good quality and try using a branded moisturizer.

Woman Applying Sunscreen

Use sunscreen

Sun rays can cause damage irreparable damage to your skin. Make sure you avoid that damage.


  • Whenever you are stepping out in the sun, even in the winters use a good sunscreen with appropriate SPF.
  • This is because the sunlight in winters may not be as scorching as in summer, but the UV rays are more harmful to the skin as they are in summers. So avoid the risk.

Wash it right

Do not wash your face with a rough soap.


  • Use a gentle cream cleanser, with moisturizing extracts to help keep your skin nourished on a daily basis.
  • Use a good quality and branded face wash and cleanser.

Moisturize inside air

The outside air and pollution is not the only culprit for making your skin dry and dead.


  • The air inside your home can also damage your skin.
  • Use a humidifier to humidify the air in your house and make it not snatch away the glow of your skin.

Use natural skin care products

The chemicals in the skin care products can damage the skin and snatch the glow and moisture from your skin.


  • There are various naturally created skin care products in the market which use all the natural ingredients that do not expose your skin to any harmful chemicals.
  • Use these naturally created skin products for your skin but make sure you know the skin type you have and choose your product equally.

Use natural eye gel

The most irritating place to have dry skin is the circles around the eyes.


  • This can cause irritation and stretching and sometimes itchy skin in that area.
  • Use an appropriate eye gel to get rid of it and use it to prevent it also.

Exercise regularly

Exercising increases blood circulation and flushes out toxins out of the body.


  • Exercise regularly to keep your body and skin fit and to remove toxins from your body.
  • Early morning and evenings are the best time to exercise and sweat it out.
  • You can do aerobics also instead of exercise.