Top 15 Things those Girls Like in Guys



The question might round in every guy’s mind that what qualities of guy’s really draw girls to them. What are the ways they should behave? Most guys are pretty confused about what girls like in a guy or what do they want their guys should be.  Though each girl has her own views and choice about this, but we have raised the top 15 things that a girl wants in her guy. See what…

  • Women like men who are confident enough while being the centre of conversation & is able to make other people laugh no arrogance should be there in him.
  • Girls look at the men who are attractive enough in their walk, the way of their speaking who can manage themselves in a proper way.
  • They look for a man who can separate themselves from the crowd of other men & show their partner why they are so special for them.
  • They need a man who can communicate with her for a number of times in a day where he can profess their love for her & rejoice the union of their souls.
  • They like men who have a subtle approach & the ability to crave attention by giving smile, getting into a conversation with other people, joining sports team in one word he must be a champ.
  • Guys who are vocally interesting are often liked by woman as they have the perfect pitch knowledge of increasing volume or slow down voice whenever they raise a special point or summing up a particular topic.
  • They  like the men who are very much hygienic a guy who showers daily, brush his hair & teeth, who wears clean clothes & whose room is neat & clean enough .
  • Guys who can easily communicate through their eyes and is able to convince her that he is trust worthy guy.
  • Girls usually like guys who are vey flirty & who is interested in dating them by taking them to several places where they can sit share about their thoughts & feelings for each other.
  • They prefer guys who are more natural & realistic rather than the guys who are with big muscle, six pack abs.
  • They like the guys who are good enough in their behaviour polite& gentle & not indulged in fighting with people, doing certain crime & he should not be a victim of hate.
  • Girls like those men who treat them well, compliment them who can strike up in conversation & who can make the first move to begin their sweet relationship of love.
  • They like the men who will be always beside them, give them the moral support & certain suggestions which is helpful in solving their difficulties.
  • Girls like men who manage their love life & their household duties with rapt attention where they fulfil the need of their family as well as their beloved.
  • They like men who can create anticipation in them by their touch by the way of loving them & who is always ready to help her in all ways whenever there is a need.
  • Guys having great imagination, independent streak, decisiveness, sense of integrity, focused goals are liked by girls as they become the only closest friend of each other where both of them get bounded in a relationship of love.

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